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I made this. All critiques would be helpful and appreciated

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I want Froppy to fuck me.

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I also made this

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one of my first pieces

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btw this and this >>4365748 were both made around two years ago

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hey kid, check this out

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head is too shot, shoulders too narrow, the left arms is in a weird position to cover the torso
its a good drawing, keep going pal

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Whats your discord? Wanna be friends?

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>Link to /alt/ instead of /beg/

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Honestly not bad, keep studying and drawing pal

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This reminds me of the first time my boyfriend ejaculated in my mouth. I felt so dirty and horny, and I knew I had lost my innocence. I knew this was different, deep, soulful. Nothing was the same after that. I needed more in my life. I needed everything. I know I'm dying, and I know I'm going to heaven.

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I want to feel Froppy’s leg lock as her however many eggs get impregnated

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Are you a femanon?

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I identify as a female yes,
what difference does it make?

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Lol you need to be at least 18 to post on 4chan.

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Im asking for your sex not for your mental illness.

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>Im asking for your sex
>Lol you need to be at least 18 to post on 4chan

fbi, we have a couple of pedos here!

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I think its a real chick, the face screams female artist.

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It is amazing how much this drawing screams "I was drawn by a female".
I wonder why.

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Hands are too small considering the original design. Was this made with ref? Anyhow go back to /beg/ instead of posting shit on a individual thread.

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It is OK to be a female OP don't let anybody tell you the opposite. Be who you be.

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>It is OK to be a female

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the pinky on her left hand looks a bit wonked but I very much like it OP thank you for sharing <3

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Very cute drawings.

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