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Back by popular demand NSFW General Special Valentine's Day Edition!

Please use the [-] to hide the thread if you do not wish to view adult orientated material. Post your Adult orientated content here! Receive or provide feedback and critique, please submit user related content only.

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Can someone draw me a chick with three dicks being fucked by those three dicks all together?

Its my fetish dont judge

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Requests are a bannable offense. Good luck.

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Thanks for making the thread

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Judged. I'm a girl, so super judged. Now I'm going to go and tell my bf about how fucked up your fetish is lol

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It's clear that we've been ostracized, disenfranchised and completely shunned from the rest of the board it's a goddamn shame really. Out of all places you'd think that the last place you'd see a push for censorship is at an art orientated board where the cornerstone of art is one's ability to express themselves.

You have a strong shape language that is easily recognizable from a silhouette except for that hand that seemingly comes out from nowhere. Consider changing the composition to better help it convey its message, use the figure's silhouette to get a clearer picture of how to identify tangents.

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that ass is traced

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Sex is always controversial topic, y'know. I think many have this idea at the start about Art being this sort of high calling, God's gift or whatever, and mixing it with sex would sully it in a certain way. Funny because prehistoric men were drawing porn scenes in caves back in the Paleolithic lmao so expressing sex through art is nothing new.

Thank you for your critique. The hand seems out of place, yeah. What do you mean about identifying tangents?

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It's her ass made out of porcelain?

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No. Why?

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What was meant to be said was identifying parts that look out of place. Using the figure's silhouette will help you identify forms that are out of place or if you have trouble recognizing a figure form its silhouette that's when you should consider changing the composition to better bring about the shape language.

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Oh, I see, you're right. I'll pay attention to that from now on. Thanks :)

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Looks like it.

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What can I say? I like shiny butts lol

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We get that you're trying to get more eyes to notice the thumbnail but as soon as you open it turns into complete eyecancer, the chromatic aberration and whatever synthwave VHS special retro effects are excessive. While these filters are entirely subjective consider making two versions of the portrait one with these filters and one without.

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I like it, but I'd just tweak the chromatic aberration a bit so the viewer doesn't get too cross-eyed. I'd also try to make the lens blur transition a bit smoother. Mirin' your clothing skills on your other works on Twitter. I'll follow you there.

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Recently started, any critiques?

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Nice and clean. Very boring pose though.

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followed blog, very cute, but like other anons said, toning down the chromatic would help it strain the eyes less. Just a bit tho

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Stop tracing

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referenced a mmd and 3d model, should I study other figures, like real life ones? It does look a bit traced to me.

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All I can say is push through and keep working.

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Thanks, will do.

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Oh brothers. This is a sad place. Please kneel and pray. Good things will happen. You can be better. I love you. I truly love you. Jesus saves!

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So this is the thread for coomer begs.

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We dont have to post here.
I post everywhere. Im om topic as long as im drawing.
Only a cuck would follow a non rule.

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looks good but you should work on dynamic poses, straight on views of a person standing perfectly straight aren't very appealing.

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you'll want to work on your legs and arms alot, as well as hips and shoulders. focus on her body's structure instead of just tracing/heavily referencing something.

where her right leg meets her body is really fucked up, I think you tried to draw a thigh gap when it shouldn't be there.

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needed just a bit more chroma

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Not that anon, but the first things that come to mind is the pose is a bit stiff and the anatomy is off; however, the character herself is pretty cute.

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Her body is all wrong.

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Still /beg/, but here's my attempt at redlining it. Big problems are with prospective and the static nature of the torso. The knee is out too far and the arm isn't foreshortened hard enough. Additionally the arms don't have any muscle; they're just twigs.The tits are round balloons here when they have weight; nipples are also usually off-center of your chest and tits are no different. Ribcage also doesn't have enough definition; which is a shame because it's a great place to emphasize the thin waist. I only defined the muscles for the legs for better understanding of where her thigh muscles will bulge; it can easily be more subdued but where the overlap for the body is more important. Didn't redline the hands or face because I wanted more focus on the rest of the body and honestly would take even more time.

If anyone in this thread has anything to add to my post or if anyone wants to correct me let me know.

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I do sometimes want there to be a place for them to exist so we can all draw and be bad together. It sucks being bullied by big dick artists.

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LOL why is the porn thread the one with thebWORST art? Worse then beg even... baka
>>4369499 lmao ahhahhahaahah

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post your work

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Thanks for the critique, I'm going to go back to studying anatomy fundies. I heavily referenced a 3d model for the pose, and that was probably not the best idea. I think i'll scrap this piece and maybe go back and redo it once I have a bit more knowledge.

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incels just jealous cos they dont like being reminded of all the sex people have on the 14th.

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what? the art here isn’t that ba- >>4369499

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Is this redline a joke?

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How to draw pussy and cock together on a groin? I can't imagine the anatomy.

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Dick is the clit, pussy is the ball sack. Just google some futanari

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Taint is the pussy, clit is the dick. You'll figure out where the balls have to be by yourself when you're into that.

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Visit /beg/, friend.

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now you cant say uncle pornthread never gave you anything

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Looks weird with the lower legs missing, maybe try a pose like this?

Wasn’t able to find the best ref, but it seems you can fix it by just redrawing the legs

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Her legs are supposed to be wide spread.

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Well, it looks like a lazy way to not draw feet, but if your commissioner is happy, I guess?

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>signing a redline

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Gotta get my name out there, it’s not that I’m very proud of it:p

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Why do you obsess over this persons work anon.

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bretty gud

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Are there any online guides on writing hentai/porno comics?

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extraordinarily based

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That penis looks like it's having a bad day

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I freaking love your style self insert anon.

>> No.4370881

Only partially. The pic initially was considerably wider, with almost fully visible legs, I cut it because I wanted the emphasis and focus on biggus dickus and ball fondling.

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lmao. nasty af

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This is paid and forced advertisement. Can mods do their fucking job pleas and remove the thread?

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no sir, i don't like it.

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I think cropping it was wise, the dick really pops, but as it looks right now it just doesn’t sit well with me. She sorta looks like her feet are tied up in the air or smth, also, her balance is off. Maybe include some of the feet and something to support her back so she won’t tip over?

>> No.4371727

I see that the lower legs should prolly be scaled up to fit the perspective

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You need to get laid.

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I'm glad you enjoy it.

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Looks traced

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huff huff agh ugghh oh boy. here we go again..

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very hot. do you have a blog?

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Haven't coom'd in over three days even this is starting to become arousing.

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Looks like a crab.

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Something quick to get me back into drawing again.

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pancake. tiddy.

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Anatomy and perspective are wrong.

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this may fit very loosely within rules. Can’t seem to ditch this stuff

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Cool frankenpenis

>> No.4372753

You sick fucking fuck!

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Stop posting pedo shit, retard.

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what is a porn artist that has the best anatomy?

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Not my usual furry and/or straight shota. So that’s an improvement, right?

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her hand looks a shade too big. also it kind of clashes with the silhouette of the figure. Maybe the message should be written on the wall or smthg? maybe write it on her cheeks

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Last week a wise anon commented that my work tends to look “flat.” I’ve been trying to stay more aware of that.

>> No.4373252

beautiful. If your drawing can't send an epileptic to the hospital then it ain't got enough chroma yet

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>> No.4373315

Did you draw it that way or is this a segment of a bigger picture? It's almost incomprehensible at full size.

>> No.4373323

Full size but tiny as drawn onto a phone screen, first time using an android app, pressure sensitivity is pretty much non-existent.

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Advice/tutorials on coloring? I think my lineart’s alright but when I add shading and coloring it feels pretty flat. Also the colors just look boring as shit.

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Maybe I should stop tryna run when I'm just starting to walk...

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>that face

>> No.4373510

Yeah, pay attention to what you are doing

>> No.4373512

All of the good artists are gone because the moment someone good does post, typically they get harrassed to no end.

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have some Faye.

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I think you're kind of right. You would benefit a lot from practicing 5 minute or 2 minute gesture drawings. Here's a website for that: https://www.quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed

It will feel extremely rushed at first, but it will prevent you from tunneling in on pointless details. Don't even worry about drawing an outline, you just want to capture the feel of the movement in the pose. Pic related is an example of some terrific gesture drawings I found on this board a while ago. The top row is what you should be aiming for in about a 1 minute gesture drawing. Those detailed ones from the second and fourth rows are probably 5 minute drawings (2-3 minutes once you get really good).

Try to do 15 minutes a day (5 two-minute drawings and 1 five-minute drawing) and in a month you will see a noticeable improvement in your ability to analyze a pose and capture the feeling of it. Draw big, draw bold, and exaggerate the gesture since it will stiffen up as you add details.

>> No.4373527

quite nice

>> No.4373531

Shade with a different value from the main color.
Like shade the hair with a yellow gold color, shade the skin with a redder color, and shade the pants with more of a purple eggplant color.

>> No.4373532

Whoops, I meant different hue.

>> No.4373551

Not the anon that you replied to, but which books are recommended for someone starting out with gesture drawing (and from what it looks like in your pic, construction?) etc.?

>> No.4373580

my absolute favorite book for gesture drawing is Force: dynamic life drawing by Mike Mattesi. I have tried a number of drawing books by well-respected artists (e.g. loomis, hogarth, bridgman, etc) but for whatever reason I connected with Mattesi's lessons a lot more than anything else. A lot of drawing lessons struggle to explain what exactly gesture is, and what makes a drawing feel alive, but I feel like Mattesi has it down to a science. Mattesi also has a book called Force: drawing human anatomy but I felt like the most useful stuff is in Force: dynamic life drawing.

>> No.4373629

How the f-
How'd you know that might be my actual problem!

>> No.4373646

I get what you're trying to do with the shading but try and have more of a gradation of shade rather than just "this is shade and this is not,"

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ah I see, thaks for the tip tho!
That made me realize I wasn't really paying much attention, only trying to "feel" the flow of the pose..

Also I just did this loomis from imagination and I just realized, as i'm replying to you, that, again i wasn't really paying much attention to the drawing itself.

I'll try to work on my focusing then.

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>> No.4373824

yeah this is just extremely unappealing. Her face is grotesque. you could probably do well if you work on faces

>> No.4373827

>extremely unappealing
IIII wouldn't go that far.

>> No.4373829

this is extremely gay to painstakingly draw a dick get hard but really well done lol

>> No.4373839

How did you get reference for this

>> No.4373845

interesting but unappealing artstyle. at least it's unique, not porn though.

pose is really stiff and you need to work on your shading and your lines, lines are pretty gross in this, also her expression makes no sense and the hands especially need work. You definitely have potential though

could be pretty good if they were more than just sketches

>> No.4373877


>> No.4373922

I just coomed to this drawing so yes I guess that you're going to make it

>> No.4373924

Stop drawing in ovals
Draw in squares

>> No.4373925


>> No.4374010

penis looks like a deformed mushroom. They don’t bulge out on the sides like that.
did you draw this? whose the artist

>> No.4374016

>penis looks like a deformed mushroom. They don’t bulge out on the sides like that.

>> No.4374022

Nah you just need to feel the form.

>> No.4374031

BBC is pretty good at anatomy and perspective, but a little stylized

>> No.4374048

This gave me a solid belly laugh for like 10 minutes straight. Thank you, anon.

>> No.4374053

why do all the people you draw have 1% bodyfat? Its super unappealing. Everyone has cankles, a hotdog body shape and too-defined musculature.

Look into playing with the actual proportions more, like broadening the width of the shoulders to make the muscular figure believable.

Also play with depth of field/perspective. None of your shit is dynamic and does nothing for the unappealing designs/style itself. I remember you posting some thing from a low angle with some dude and a futa and even then that shit was boring. You changed the angle but had 0 depth to the composition/environment.

Anyway, shoo shoo

>> No.4374056

>did you draw this?
I wish. It's from Uno Makoto

>> No.4374058


That's how irl natty tits look sometimes anon.

Great work. Very appealing style and I love your lines. I'm seconding on the blog request. Also that right hand on the back view is doing something to me

>> No.4374241

Man, are you samefagging? It’s an ok drawing, but not great, and as somebody working at a nursing home, I can say I’ve seen perkier boobs on 90 year old women:/

>> No.4374267

Crazy how the stuff people have put time and effort into gets passed over, but a crappy study gets more you's

>> No.4374288

If somebody put time and effort into something that looks worse than a sketch, then that says a lot, don't you think?

>> No.4374525

Your drawing's breasts are two different sizes and one of them is flat and hardly attached to the body. Also if this is a crappy study, post the original so we can better critique you.

>> No.4374529

My bad, meant to add the op in the reply. I know this post isn't the artist

>> No.4374543


Not really ic has hideous taste in porn

>> No.4374549



>> No.4374586

this is a fun composition

>> No.4374594

the heads 18 at least but were gonna need to see some ID for that dong

>> No.4374785

Bruh, what is your patreon so I can give you all my money?

>> No.4374890

that's some hella pathetic tits

>> No.4374891


>> No.4375052

*kisses fingers* Quality. Do you have a blog? And while I am at it, any drawing learning material recommendations? (Books, vedeos, ...)

That's some delicious futa drawing right there. Blog?

>> No.4375090

Thank you for noticing, I did work on it!

>> No.4375170
File: 255 KB, 500x432, Bart & Edna preview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a commission

this time the girl is somewhat younger

>> No.4375183

WikiHow has a NSFW portal?

>> No.4375241

Who is this girl? I keep seeing her but refuse to look her up.

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A menace to the Eternal Roastie.

>> No.4375389

hahaha subscribed, hope I can catch her/his stream

>> No.4375394
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Let us know when she's on again it'll be like going to a virtual bar with a fellow d/ic/k cannot wait until she eventually starts to serve real time VR Chat sessions with us.

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Oh, god, what am I doing?!

>> No.4375916

Lmao cry more. Nobody gives a fuck about your polished turd. It looks nice and I'm a person that enjoys sketchy artwork. Fancy color rendering doesnt get my dick hard. Nice lines do

>> No.4375923
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wip, face will be redone

>> No.4375926


what program do you use

>> No.4375950

Clip studio paint ex

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Porn and shitpost at the same time.

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>> No.4376001

You put more effort into the construction of the chastity cage over the construction of the character.

>> No.4376206

Hmm where is the thumb?

>> No.4376214


It's just a bit easier to draw I guess (for me)

>> No.4376274

He doesn't want critique because even a retard would have utilized the past several years worth of tips by now. This is his art blog and you are the viewer.

>> No.4376296
File: 218 KB, 848x1200, 2020FEB18_mira_kyoma_elle_coloring_base.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, you would think it would be better compositionally if that was the case.

Well, I can take that as a compliment. Although I am rather interested if they can provide a description of what they observe to be characteristic of a traced line art. I personally do observe some characteristics of being traced image in the past, like inconsistent line quality, and awkward form transitions for something that's cobble together for example, but I am interested in that guy's observation.

>> No.4376332

I c the intfarms here

>> No.4376366
File: 449 KB, 602x853, Siege - Arknights.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4376415

Why does Crim have that fucking huge belly?

>> No.4376419


>> No.4376421

You could still make a poorly composed patch work of traced material

>> No.4376463
File: 266 KB, 1200x848, BETAMAN_HAREM_COMIC_28_wip2020FEB16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah well, I couldn't come up with anything clever to say to him.

>> No.4376467

Is there a single heterosexual person In here? Must everything have a dick?

>> No.4376572


No ic is full homo. Ironic since they complain about trannies all day.

>> No.4376593

Let them be self insert anon. Those are just crabs that hate when others are better than them, so they try to discredit better artists with BS.
Your stuff is pretty fantastic.

>> No.4376702

because its fucking hot

>> No.4376732

that belly and tits are so fucking hot bro, you got source or where you upload?

>> No.4376748

Amawu amawu amawu amawu Amawu amawu amawu amawu Amawu amawu amawu amawu

>> No.4376956


>> No.4376982
File: 348 KB, 2048x1465, AC926BF4-EC81-4EAD-A25F-3DE03E7D37DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4376986

looks good but the left orcs dick shouldnt be up that high.

>> No.4377076

Love this.

>> No.4377080

Did you finish the 2B animation?

>> No.4377098

nice follow through animation

>> No.4377111

the dick looks like a maggot or a fleshcolored turd
the penis head is like on the lower half of the entire thing like ???

>> No.4377177

I know... artistic freedom?

>> No.4377308


>> No.4377363

Yeah, it was posted in previous thread or you can find it at @rockset123321

>> No.4377392
File: 203 KB, 763x892, aa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need constructive critique. Redline would be great.

>> No.4377550
File: 295 KB, 750x1334, 002C5978-5C14-4310-8D84-C95A72EF3AE3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone knows how to stop pop up advertisements from redirecting to another site while watching porn

>> No.4377750
File: 544 KB, 689x914, 1546415556445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4378450
File: 180 KB, 781x586, uh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mods, I have no idea if furry is allowed in this specific context of the porn thread. If I'm breaking the rules please feel free to delete but pls no ban ty

>> No.4378453


>> No.4378459

furry is not allowed outside of /b/, no exceptions; in this way it is a global rule. however, mods will usually only remove images if there are enough reports submitted of said content. its unlikely you'll be banned unless you consistently post furry content.

>> No.4378511

Great job on them boob physics. Nice composition, perspective, and poses too. All around a good WIP.

>> No.4378524

Have you tried not watching porn

>> No.4378568

adblock you pleb holy shit

>> No.4378879
File: 183 KB, 1624x1621, BC89A60D-09C9-4BE8-B0E1-7E726F1DCEC1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I lost a follower over this... crits? thinking I might shrink Bea a bit and maybe give her a more happy aheahao look?

>> No.4378890

Probably because your artstyle looks homophobic

>> No.4378900
File: 480 KB, 940x1000, Thicc fd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4378919


>> No.4378925


thanks a lot, traps aren't gay. I have a twitter @_nipboy_

>> No.4378931

Stop watching porn since you obviously can’t be 18 yet.

>> No.4378971

really good shit my dude, dickslapped that follow button :)

>> No.4379176


>> No.4379179

Thanks for the answer, looks great!

>> No.4379196

>Yeah, it was posted in previous thread
>previous thread
Could, someone post a link to the previous thread itself? The only ones that I could find were from November 2019 and older.
And while I am at it, which sites (besides yuki.la) archive /ic/?

>> No.4379238
File: 481 KB, 498x560, 1702.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redone face and also hair, God I love animating hair. There will be blinking sequence

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