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>"just keep drawing, at some point it will (magically) get better"
>"its my style"
>"art is more than how it looks"
>"Proko is my favorite youtuber"
>I can't draw without reference"
>"Brushes and settings are the most crucial part to drawing"
>"talent doesn't exist I just need to grind for 10,000 hours to get good"
10K hours later
>"I've been drawing for years, I realized the most important part was not becoming the best but having fun at it"

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b8 thread

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okay buddy how about you say something constructive

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>okay buddy how about you say something constructive

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>Oh my god you'r art is so SO gud, plz give me your social media and also a pic of your penis...
every ngmi /beg/ here when they see an /int/

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Lol that's fucking true

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>"I can't post my art here anymore because the crabs aren't going to like it anyway"

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> If I shouldn't cheat, why did CSP gave me all these tools?

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>>"just keep drawing, at some point it will (magically) get better"

Show me anyone who ever said this

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Just draw meme

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Paraphrasing "just draw bruh"

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only nmgi retards think just draw implies things magically get better.

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The placement of that mouth doesn't match from the front to the side view.

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t. the ngmi

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change the "I can't draw without reference" for "I can draw without reference" lmao because NGMI are imagifags thinking that drawing without reference will improve their understanding about anatomy

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Keep coping. If you can't do anatomy without reference that means you didn't learn jack shit from using reference.

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It's extremely important to have fun while you're learning otherwise you're NGMI,

People talk on this /ic/ like burnout isn't a thing. If something becomes a chore you'll avoid doing it.

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Yeah it depends are we talking "build visual library" kind of reference like making a collage of shit to draw inspiration from for a concept art design? That's fine, you're not drawing any of that shit 1:1 anyways.

But if you HAVE to have ref in front of you otherwise you can't draw it, and it has to be a copy, you're definitely ngmi. If you don't learn to draw anatomy from memory you're just not learning correctly.

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>"don't keep drawing, at some point it won't (magically) get better"
>"its not my style"
>"art is not more than how it looks"
>"Proko is not my favorite youtuber"
>I can draw without reference"
>"Brushes and settings aren't the most crucial part to drawing"
>"talent does exist I can't grind for 10,000 hours to get good"

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>"post your work here so we can help you"
>post work
>get totally ignored
>keeps being ignored
>someone finally replies
>"you suck, your art suck, your style suck, your ngmi"

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>Loomis and Vilppu aren’t memes
>IQ and personality tests are good measures of potential
>I only do it for the money or because I’m bored
>There is such a thing called talent and my anecdotal experience claims that I’m talented
> I took drawing seriously in my twenties
>Traditional art is better than digital one and requires more skill
>I learn more about drawing than actually draw

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crab-chan is cute

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crab-chan is so cute

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I want crab-chan to rape me.

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Do you have a folder full of her or are you just drawing them on the fly?
Maybe both? I want more

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only crabs will GMI

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As it should
LOL fucking based

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>you need perspective

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How about you kill yourself?

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That's not constructive :(

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It would construct an ecosystem for maggots, worms and other more important lifeforms than you to exist.

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>>"talent doesn't exist I just need to grind for 10,000 hours to get good"
>10K hours later
>>"I've been drawing for years, I realized the most important part was not becoming the best but having fun at it"
roflmao, had me good with this one.
But for real, the ngmi cope is laughable.

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Kill yourself niggerfaggot

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Die of asscancer you aids-ridden nigger tranny

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oof that's a lot of samefag

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Says the ngmi

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seethe zoomer

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Then let me call you a faggot too

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Back to fortnite with you zoomers. This board is only allowed for people who drew as children and during their teenage years

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But custom brushes ARE important. Otherwise your work will look like any other clueless beginners.

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Spoken like a true ngmi.

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I am 29. Chances are I fucked your mom in a bar and you're one of my lost children.

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You sound bitter, who refused you diaperfur com this time?

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t. the ngmi that felt alluded with OP's post

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Other people have clocked in already thousands of hours and are fueled by passion you manlet

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Reminder to hide useless bait threads like this one.

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>Scott Robertson good
>Vilppu good
>Loomis good
>perspective is important
>you need to get good at traditional before moving on to digital
>talent doesn't exist
>it's never too late to start drawing

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>even the talented artists had to practice a lot in order to become good
The most common coping fallacy. All those artists sure practiced a lot, but even their first works looked upper /beg/ level from start, while the average ngmi has been drawing for 15 years and his shit still looks low level /beg/

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“I draw for fun. 24 24”
“Kill yourself stalkerfag.”
“Stop spamming all these threads, I'm just looking for some critics on my work.”
“Because I still don't understand it. I draw till I do.”
“You have no idea what you're talking about. It's funny hearing that from a general that solely makes pin up art of mainstream characters.”
“/alt/ quality aint what it used to be imo“
“Don't let the crabs get to you, they hate looking at people that aren't wasting their time.”

and then their art looks like this KEK

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Only brainlets think that telling people in the /beg/ threads to ‘just draw’ will actually help them.

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god that's a beefy loli bicep

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You mean the average /ic/ poster? Including yourself talentfag.

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Copefag is worse than illastrat lmao

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My sides

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imagine drawing literally the same thing for 2 years
at least this other schizo >>4499963 has some variety in much shorter period

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i see you faced the fact you are ngmi and use this as an escapism tactic. you cannot argue against this without it being a total lie.

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Or needs more loomis. Ignoring loomis is the ultimate and final redpill

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