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Why are you guys on an art board if you hate art and drawing so much?

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We don't, what we hate are retards that want to learn how to draw without learning how to actually draw.

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I hate it but I have to learn anyway.
I have a long dumb story about why I wanted to start drawing in the first place but none of that matters to me anymore. The only thing I care about now is that I won't let this dumb thing beat me. Everyone who said that I could never learn, I have to prove them wrong.

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I’d say we’re naturally a consistently self critical and frustrated bunch - combine that with a lack of consequences for venting this frustration on here and I’d say this board probably overstates the amount of actual hate people have for the craft. I’d say it just averages out to frustration at various levels.

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>Achille Talon

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I like drawing but this board isn't the right environment for me to draw

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every 4channel board is twisted abomination of what it is supposed to be

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>t. Anime protagonist

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>nobody on fit lifts

>nobody here draw

im used to this

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>Why are you guys on an art board if you hate art and drawing so much?
From what i can tell, you can choose from:
"I want to be a famous anime artist"
"I want attention on social media"
"I want specific fetish art, and I can't afford to pay anyone"
"I want to be a game concept art rockstar"

Once in a while an anon pops up who's seriously trying to just be an artist. They're the ones I hang around to try and help.

And, there's a whole lot of socially and emotionally broken anons who seem to be using art as some strange coping mechanism.

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agreed. Drawing is a difficult and lonely pastime, coming here after that all your willpower to be nice has already been drained.

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What's your motivation to wade through all the bs? I haven't been here long, thought there were some good resources and the odd helpful comment here and there, but now I feel like I should quit cold turkey, or this will sap the last bit of enjoying art out of me

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