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Red Line This

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hahaha post your fucking work.

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Pretty sure the original artist got carried away with body position to proportion from the viewing perspective. Shorter midsection lift the ass and it won't look off

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why dont you post yours fucker?

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what the fuck is this

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Saggy udders and hamster ass

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an a chin chong nip nong to you

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Hey this is pretty gu-

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hyper isn't feminine at all mate

the only artist that makes it somewhat easier to swallow is uno makoto

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the moral of the piece is - its nicely rendered, so normies wont give a fuck.

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lol clearly the OP image is his artwork

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>easier to swallow

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Hey marc, hows the channel going?

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Who? I'm a woman.

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>she's got 43,800k more followers than me

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You can just say she has 43,800 followers you know.

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She has 44k you dick >:l

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where are you pulling these numbers from?

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Fuck this gay earth dude
I'm starting drawing pokemon girls getting fucked by dogs today

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I'm with this guy

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post it later today, ty

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I am convinced the futa(especially the big/horse dick kind) is the cause for the abundance of trannys now

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Her Deviantart.

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There's your answer

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>blaming everything imaginable other than themselves
Pick two

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Yeah I doubt it

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Is pretending to be a femoid for better publicity the ultimate artpill?

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>missing the horse dick

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>Be born on life in easy mode
>Still manage to fuck it up

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It's literally impossible to fail at life if you were born a hole

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Now THIS is a polished turd

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damn i wish i was this good

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If you post feet I'll follow you

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Shoo shoo stinky

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>Be F*moid
>Hit that magical fictitious arbitrary "Legal" number
>Immediately start whoring yourself
>Fuck you dad!
Why are they like this?

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>tfw fast food min wagie become artists before you.

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Does this count.
You can follow me @vshtone. Now I just need 43,799 more.

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if i had a pussy i would too, easy money

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Why are men so retarded they give whores money when free porn videos exist

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I-its womemes faults and not all the simp incels acting like apes throwing money at them!

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are you drawing scantily clad women? or are you drawing cute cuddly pokemon or whatever?

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remove the drug dealers and the abusers scatter
gotta stamp the problem out at the source
a lot of people don't realize this but theres currently a generation of men is growing up who actually think that this is how things should be and that giving away hundreds of dollars to women so you can fap to them is okay
its just a joke to us but it will be ingrained in the minds of those who are younger to the point where they will be preconditioned to believe that it is normal even if they don't personally partake in it

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Both are absolutely disgusting in my opinion but i seriously don't understand men's mind of throwing huge amounts of money at random girls. Thank god i ascended and i don't like 3dpig anymore.

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Must be nice to have a hot body

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But porn is free though

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What happened to personal responsibility and discipline? So you agree with the government regulating most things?

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That's not true, a lot of people laughed at idubbbz when his girlfriend became an e-whore. If there wasn't a market there wouldn't be girls doing this, it's men's fault for rewarding these conducts and being too lazy to get a girlfriend.

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Oh, all sorts really. >>4576106 is me for example, but attached is also mine.
I always feel like I'm being pulled in two directions between the saucy lineart illustrations I grew up doing, v.s. the strange, morbid paintings I want to create. I can never decide what direction to settle on.

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When simps pay money on these services they usually get, or can send/receive, personal messages from these women. I would assume its the combination of looking at nudes and the occasional private message from a woman that appeals to them. But there's some pretense there, it's not traditional pornography. It's different from a cam website where you pay tokens to chat one on one with a woman you just watched for free shove a horse dildo in her vacuous vagine. Because there, there is no pretense as to what the relationship is.

Basically onlyfans, twitch, et al is a surrogate relationship. If you date a grill you can text her and she sends you nudes or racy photos. If you pay money and get access to premium snap it's almost the same. It's low hanging fruit to accuse these guys of being 90 IQ coombrain simps, which of course they are. But I think you only see macro behavior patterns like this when something in the dating market or society is quite wrong.

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Someone post the reddit thread where the original drawing without a girl gets something like 100 upvotes but when she made a new thread showing herself in the photo it was like 50k upvotes
>just be born female theory

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premium mentality

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>too lazy
Not being Chad =/= being lazy

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you arent making the women thick enough. add that shitty shiny gloss coomer artists put on the thighs and boobs.

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The thing people don't realize is that these women aren't just camwhoring, but also interacting and giving these men positive attention. There's more of an emotional thing involved, and that's why there are simps for a specific girl.

In the relationship-starved Japa,n there's both male and female host clubs where men and women (yes, women as well) will literally pay money just to interact with cuties of the opposite sex, not necessarily sex. Sexuality isn't just wanting to fuck, but also an intimacy thing too.

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Don't take it as an offense but men are pathetic, it seems more like a matter of not wanting to put a minumun effort to be good enough for a relationship so they have to pay a girl to love them.

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At least girls don't settle for garbage. I've seen guys getting with the filthiest ham planets just cause they got a pussy. Pathetic.

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There was a male example that proved the same thing.
Being a (cute) female will get you attention for sure because Leddit is full of thirsty neckbeards, but people are more likely to give you attention regardless of your sex if you show yourself with the art.

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I'm just a beg so I don't want to criticize. But I'm a male so I can tell you what males think. Even the "sexy" picture you drew is not conventionally cute or sexy. The body, minus the tits, are quite modest. It's not a very sexy pose. The head. I mean it's obvious I think you are trying to replicate actual animal features, instead of exaggerating them in a cute/sexy way. Males are not that difficult to please, but we do not find goats sexually appealing. Obviously, draw what you want. But if you put a realisitc goat face on a woman , without stylizing it to be sexy, most guys won't want to fap to that unless the body has a lot of appeal to it. Which some guys are into: feral look females with realistic animal faces/heads. But they are usually muscular women of carnivore species, and not herbivore species. Of course if I am a male and looking to coom and I go to your profile and see pig demon paintings, I will probably leave your profile and coom elsewhere

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It's women's nature to be like that and it's easy low effort that result in a lot of attention and money.
Nothing is going to change that other than a return to very strict social norms and that's not happening.
So there is no point in getting angry at women, it's wasted energy, instead teach men not to be simps, fathers should teach sons that women will use their sexuality to get money and favors from them and to not fall pray to it.
The few guys that have their fathers around anyways, which is why it's great that simp has become popularized, other friends and other men need to call out this behavior when they see it.
Men should feel ashamed when they show no self control, particularly when it comes to women, just like it has been in all of human history.

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meaiwhiele in the 90 days something couple show, ed no neck almost getting a good enough looking pussy

>> No.4576636

>Don't take it as an offense but men are pathetic
I don't take offense to it. Lots of men are pathetic. But if you're not a pathetic male, if you're not a doormat. If you actually have firm beliefs, maintain your ground in arguments, and don't let femoids shriek and walk all over you, they will 100% of the time dump you and look for a guy who they can manipulate.

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Do you have some sort of condition that only allows you to turn your neck 45ยบ? OP's neck rotation was realistic... The only realistic part.

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I'm surprised there isn't a rent a girlfriend service for the west

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So what the FUCK happened with the lower half? Why did she stop trying?

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But only fans is for nudes/lewds only. It's not like twitch where you pay 500 usds so the girl you are watching says your name.
Do excercise, eat healthy, develop as a person and someone out there is going to love you. Normal women take care of themselves from an early age , men are ugly and boring and expect you to love them without putting any kind of effort on themselves.

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show the male example

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Found it

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FtM trannies you mean?

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is that a tranny or what? where is the male

>> No.4576686

its the picture i was referring here

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>Do excercise, eat healthy, develop as a person
That's not gonna make me taller than 5'7, make my peepee bigger than 5" and and give me non-ogre face

>> No.4576693

Why? I thought they cut their penises off a lot of the time.

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Why did she repost it anyway? reddit users are such gigawhores for nonexistant ""karma"" internet points, its honestly scary

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Accept you are ugly and lower your standars or get rich.

>> No.4576708

On 4chan we got people obsessing over (You), which is even more retarded.
I remember one anon replied to me but didn't include the >> to intentionally avoid it, as if I even gave a shit about it

>> No.4576709

Implying ugly girls don't want Chads as well

>> No.4576711

>I remember one anon replied to me but didn't include the >> to intentionally avoid it, as if I even gave a shit about it
Not the other guy but that's the point, sometimes we just don't want to give you a (you) because you're probably being a ginormous fagtron at the time.

>> No.4576713

it was me get owned

>> No.4576717

And that's the point, 4chan can be just as vain as Reddit

>> No.4576723

Everyone wants a chad/stacy but that doesn't mean we won't settle for less.

>> No.4576728

Femoids would rather stay single than settle for sub-Chad. Anyway I've taken the 2dpill and don't care anymore

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I think a majority of them keep it


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You don't see us downboating your post, the difference is we do it ironically there's no system that allows you to like or dislike something.

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You don't deserve your waifu if you aren't willing to put effort for her.

>> No.4576746

Ugly couples exist, in fact they're everywhere

>> No.4576748

Every guy obviously puts in effort. How do you get certs, degrees, jobs, property, investment portfolios without effort? What you really mean is "you have to put up with female mind games and constant manufactured drama" to maintain a relationship. Drawings don't gaslight or shit test you every 3 minutes, who can blame a male for preferring 2d?

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No amount of effort is going to make up for being a sub-chad. A chad can literally abuse his woman and the woman will defend him. You can simp up to a woman for a year and all it takes is one day for a chad to cuck you.

>> No.4576753

>who can blame a male for preferring 2d
your disappointed parents

>> No.4576755

Simps, we need to find a way to purge them from society.
They're not even fully human, more like animals reacting to stimuli.

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still waiting on the male example

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Oh so now we care what out of touch boomers think?

>> No.4576766

incel thread

>> No.4576767

Shoulda given me better genes then lmao

>> No.4576768

reality check thread

>> No.4576769

Talking about ching Chong chang was more amusing than this Chad and stacy incel shit

>> No.4576775

>All you have to do is walk straight up to her, look at her straight in the eyes, firm hand shake. Worked for me.

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>''just smile!'' Theory

>> No.4576803

All you have to do is chat her up, probe with light flirting to see if she is interested, look her in the eyes and you get her number, worked for me.

>> No.4576811

Fuck off Chad.

>> No.4576830

Doesnt work on austistic girls

>> No.4576839

forgot the pay her at the end when you finish.

>> No.4576853

>Autistic girls
Nah, they're scooped up so fast, they blink in and out of the dating market like virtual particles

>> No.4576867

there was one literally diagnosed autistic girl at a job I used to have. Even she had a bf

>> No.4576894

There are anatomy mistakes all over but the butt seems to be even more flawed then everything else, how does that happen?

>> No.4576896

Wasn't expecting that

>> No.4576901

Not at all, I'm one and got my first bf at 26. Old and married now

>> No.4576908

damn this board is full of chicks

>> No.4576911

>Old now
Times change, granny

>> No.4576914

By old, I meant 30.
4 years isnt that much for times to change

>> No.4576922

That's just such an easy answer, if anything is the cause is self hatred brought in by modern "values", the praising of the feminine and the attack on the masculine, lack of fathers in homes, feminization by the mothers, media promoting alternative lifestyles as brave and lack of male role models.
Not to mention the fact that the ultimate goal of being trans is to cut off your dick and get a "vagina", the only reason many don't is because of the risks associated with the procedure.
So I disagree, a chick with a dick is not reason for men wanting to be women.

>> No.4576930

Now it's fixed.

>> No.4576932

>4 years isnt that much for times to change
Haha, yeah...

>> No.4576937

You can't denied that it did not encourage some men to want to be "women with a dick"

>> No.4576948

>mfw all the people who shit on girls the hardest are girls themselves

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Is a poll that got posted on /ic/ a while back. With how shitty this board is half the time, the ''male sex drive bad'' posts and the logic some of the people use, im inclined to believe its actually true.

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>add that shitty shiny gloss coomer artists put on the thighs and boobs
Fuuuuuuuuuck that, I'm not intentionally trying to sell out. Arbitrary specular lighting is the worst.

Should probably expand because I guess the picture I linked to is a bit vague. I don't usually draw anthro/furry shit, it was just my entry for the thisfursonadoesnotexist meme (pic).

But yeah, I'm not even really trying to draw coom shit. I grew up on artists like Allesandro Barbucci and Xa Gueuzav who have this kind of saucy, bouncy style that's erotic without being lewd and I think I unconsciously channel that. But basically I want to be able to draw what I want without being pressured to sell out, but then I guess I shouldn't really be that surprised when I don't get any attention either.

>> No.4577040

You don't have to draw buxom hourglass bombshells with DSL and hyper reflective skin to get coombrains to follow you. I think you can still find a good following even if all you draw is unconventionally attractive women. But they have to be attractive, and as a female you will likely not know what is attractive to males in fact you probably have a lot of misconceptions.

There are a series of visual cues that males like a lot and I think they are almost all absent from your sexy goat drawing. Again, /beg/ level here, so I really don't want to offer criticism from an artist perspective. But for instance, the belly you drew is almost in line with how a loli artist would draw abdomen. If you wanted to draw a "regular woman" kind of body type, a muffin top or some visible fat deposits would be more appealing. The breasts are big and saggy but not in a cute or hot way. They're not bad but males will fixate on them more than anything. So doing something different or unexpected will get our attention. They seem kind of seem like water balloons, bland but not in a realistic way. If you want to draw unconventional body types, you can draw any number of realistic breasts. lemon shaped breasts with giant hershey kiss shaped nipples, pancake like breasts with perky cylindrical nipples. Males like the female form, warts and all. But some things are just hot, big eyelashes, hips that don't quit, slender shoulders, that kind of thing doesn't hurt.

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is u wahman too?

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I've tried doing a few more conventionally attractive pieces (I think, idk, my shit's clean but ugly), and they pretty much got completely ignored kek

btw man, don't sell yourself short on your own ability. Regardless of your own skills your perspective is still really useful and I appreciate you taking the time to type this shit out and give me an outsiders perspective. You're definitely right in that there's a pretty big disparity between what men and women find appealing though.

>> No.4577113

>With how shitty this board is half the time
Practically every board on 4chan is shit, go elsewhere if you're bothered by it.
No body thinks the male sex drive is bad or anything, just that there's a shit load of low quality coom posting. Quit victimizing yourself bro

>> No.4577118

How do you manage to do this sort of lewd anatomy? should i need to be a complete degenerated to do this?

>> No.4577143

Nah I just thought a surprised glance as if she was startled was more appealing than that glazed over omni-stare.

Thanks lad.

>> No.4577153

I'm practically a nun irl so I don't know if it's down to personal degeneracy.

Study a lot from bodies you find attractive in life, but don't shy away from studying from existing artists whose style you admire. A lot of it just comes to down cultivating shapes and how you choose to express them, it that makes sense.

>> No.4577174


That drawing is nice in some ways. It has what I would call fidelity or technical ability. But I think there are some design choices that I think make this less appealing than it would've been otherwise. You need to pick whether you are going for an anthro FemBowser or a humanized FemBowser. It seems like a weird hybrid. The lines going up her body are an odd choice as well. If they were horizontal instead it would have looked better, and if there were distinct scaly markings that indicated her underbelly from the rest of her skin? Hide? Scaled body? This choice signals you are showing us an anthro fembowser, and a scaly chest. But her head (e.g. no snout) and facial features are distinctly human. So viewer gets mixed signals. Go to e621 for a moment and look through some "bowsette meme" tags. I know drawing an anthro fembowser is not the easiest task, because there is no standard. If you are wanting to draw a human but keep some anthro/koopa elements, you have to be selective about it. A tail, horns, shell, those work. But the scaly chest can't work with that. The ears and chest orb are an odd choice as well.

FemBowser, especially anthro, is supposed to exude dominance/power. Which you are aware of, since you are drawing her curling a dumbbell. But her body type doesn't really signal that as well. Maybe it sounds stupid, but bigger hips and fatter ass kind of carry that dominance/strength signal. Maybe a chunkier abdomen as well. A scaly abdomen like that should have less distinctly human features, visible human musculature looks odd unless it's fatty strength then it may work. It should be smoother, like no visible hip bones. She should be chunkier, either muscle or fat. If you drew her with bigger bicep/arm muscles, visible clawed hand, and wider hips, snout, hair covering ears (like how every nekomimi anime person). These things would add to a more appealing image. The size of tits and how the labia looks are kind of up to personal preference

>> No.4577179

Fellow coomers are welcome to chime in and affirm or rebuke my assessment.

>> No.4577214

>Practically every board on 4chan is shit, go elsewhere if you're bothered by it.
fuck off

>> No.4577221

>t. roastie

>> No.4577235

i'll need some tldr, my coom brain can't process that essay

>> No.4577246

Too many human features to be anthro. Too many anthro features to be human. If she is supposed to be anthro, make the vertical lines horizontal and give her an underbelly. Make her belly and arms more muscular or chubbier. Add Snout, claws, hips, booty. Anthro fembowser should look like she gonna snusnu my pelvis into dust.

>> No.4577255

yeah, there is a good market for this body profile

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>> No.4577337

did you really just worked for free?

>> No.4577349

As a retiree, my time is worthless.

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>> No.4577365

calculate your income from your last W2, and that is how much your time costs. I'm paying 550k / yr for retirement

>> No.4577369

Mister Vilppu?!

>> No.4577372

Feel the forms

>> No.4577375

Hey, how'd you get a picture of me?

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fucking kek

>> No.4577389

>I'm paying 550k / yr for retirement

>> No.4577397

that's how much I would make if I kept my job, but I decided that time was more valuable than money

>> No.4577402

>tfw I will make 1/5 of that in 10 years if I'm lucky
Thanks boomers

>> No.4577427

Thanks for your reply, i'll try studying from other artist, but it feels like i have a pretty normal taste and cuz of that my poses then to be boring, stiff and uninspired.

>> No.4578119

You can be good looking and end up like the supreme gentlemen for being too autistic to speak to women, just don't blame them for your own problems.

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>You can simp up to a woman for a year
No girl will ever let a simp touch her or look in a simps general direction.
You filthy faggots need to stop giving whores free money and attention if you want to get a gf who hasn't put porn of herself online.
Getting a girl is easy, but don't think all girls are saints. Most of them are really, really horrible people.
You're really better off being gay.

>> No.4579211

la creatura

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