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I don't get why cartoons still exist this day and age. the whole point of western cartoons is to look as over the top and cartoony as possible. They aren't supposed to be attractive or realistic looking for the most part. How the hell can you get money from that? even if you do it as cheaply as possible its still lost cash.

not every cartoon can be a toddler goldmine like pa Patrol, so, How do they do it? just addspace?

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>mine has more details therefore is better
Top brainlet thinking

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I typed a long post but I decided to delete it because this is just another west vs east thread.

In short, the west has good shows and the east has good shows. Cherry picking etc etc

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One word - Globohomo. The west has fallen into the clutches of a rapidly demoralized state where 2+2=5, feelings over facts otherwise you're a nazi racist sexist intolerant bigot.

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Holy crap this place has fallen so far that it feels like every week there's a fucking east vs west thread. Shut the fuck up no one cares this shit is annoying having to hide every shit thread for fucks sake

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Corporatism, not capitalism, is the biggest factor in this. And it even happens in Japan, if you look at the abysmal work in Dragon Ball Super that often crops up it's because the animators were given nightmarish deadlines to meet and it reflected that fact in their work.
America is the worst example because these networks want the cheapest and easiest to produce product to peddle to retarded American children, and that's coming from an American.
I miss the old days of Swat Kats and Transformers, thank God I grew up with those instead of Teen Titans Go.

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capitalism always turns into corporatism

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It's typically the networks at fault for the state of cartoons, for sure. Quick output and merch for the kids. Forget narrative and focus on episodic basic storytelling. If it's colourful and has low-level humour the kids will enjoy it.

Cartoons can be good when networks give their creators at least a degree of freedom. See ATLA, Samurai Jack, etc.

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i may be wrong but i think the future for visual media in general is in the west; japan is stagnating while western artists that i see everywhere on the internet that grew up with both japanese/western influences will eventually become the next in charge of the animation/visual media world. in my opinion the most appealing artworks these days are from that generation of people.
as i said i may be wrong tho

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Do people still care about modern cartoons anymore? Only retarded americans would watch shit like OK KO or Steven Universe compared to some recent series like Dororo lmao

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Everytime a thread like this comes, this will be posted

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You are aware that this SoB is the most popular character in Japan?

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uuuh animation is about shitty details? okay

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>simple design
>whimsical personality
Yep, no wonder why
While anime girl is
>no personality at all, just generic anime girl number 637373733

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Cartoons are just ugly to look at and not cute.

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Cherry picking

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The west no longer has a full animation pipeline.
In exporting all the tweening to other nations we've lost the single most important tool we had to train the next generation of animators.

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Uhhh >>4782512
Is all Americans

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You’re stuck in the 2008 to 2015 era. Western cartoons are getting better.

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Lack of talent and skill.

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>Holy crap this place has fallen so far that it feels like every week there's a fucking east vs west thread. Shut the fuck up no one cares this shit is annoying having to hide every shit thread for fucks sake
East VS West threads basically happen in every board don't they? They definitely happen in /pol/ and /int/ and I'm a particular authority on it happening somewhat often in /m/

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Because people keep having children.

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Does the modern parent look like they have time to actually raise their kids?
Rents that high demand both of then work and plop their kid next to a TV instead.

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Do people still remember Violet Evergarden? Doesn't even have its own waifuposters

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>character model detail = good
That pic is stupid. the ones with high detail always sacrifice animation and become slideshows with limited animation. I miss when anime had lower detailed models that allowed animators to really animate. Like in future boy conan for example, that had better animation than anything today

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I wish we had more stuff like space dandy. I loved the fluid animation it pulled off when it wanted to.

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Anon, your retardation is showing.

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Japan just needs to pay their animators more. I think only 2 studios in the entire country pays them fairly.

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No one really watches western cartoons anymore asides from the “adult” ones (even the Simpsons has gone downhill)

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Lmao have you seen violet evergarden? It moves more fluidly than 99% of flash animation in most American cartoons.

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Kyoanus hasn’t made a good anime since dropping key as source material.

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then how do they make money? why do they still exist? is just an embarrassment.

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Man you’re just ranting about aesthetics kill this fucking meaningless weeb thread please.

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Maybe the problem is that man children (and "women children" ) are still trying to watch cartoons that's marketed towards a younger demographic whose main purpose is to sell toys to? It doesn't matter what grown manchildren think about the cartoons as long as the kids are watching and buying the toys. That's why teen Titans go is still getting new seasons

It's kind of the opposite here. Many preteen characters in anime are sexualized so the anime studios can sell merchandise their to lonely japanese incel demographic who fantasize about their pure virgin waifus

It's sad one of the only studios that paid their animators fairly burned down in a fire.

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The cartoon is adorable tho
what is this dumb post??

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Asians in the east: let’s draw cute
Asians in the west: let’s draw ugly

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>Many preteen characters in anime are sexualized so the anime studios can sell merchandise their to lonely japanese incel demographic who fantasize about their pure virgin waifus
Same is happening in the west now. Even the nerds back then weren’t like this, but because of anime they now are just sad fucks with body pillows of some loli.

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My generic Chinese cartoons are morally superior because I can fap to their characters! And fapping is the most important factor in all art instead of making something timeless!

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The West can't compete in the free market so the hacks are turning to politicians to ban them

Have fun jerking off to bean mouths.

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Oh boy, here we go again...

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Me too, I have never seen one myself but I can always draw one

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Only posts worth reading:

VERY low IQ posts. While the US has 9 ugly shows and maybe 1 decent one, Japan releases a hundred anime PLUS every season there are a few "cartoony" ones just like the West.
That's right, even if you want to defend your Steven Universe garbage, Japan ALSO MAKES simple stuff for children. Just see for yourself:

Shin-chan and Saze-chan, which are still ongoing classics.
Bonobono, airing since 2016. The list goes on and on, pic related.

If the West had good cartoons to make some volume, they would eclipse all this Calarts toxic waste, just like the best anime make these kiddy Japanese shows completely obscure.

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Looks like flash garbage to me, no details no perspective, random anatomy.

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It's edited. The original post has Big Mouth in it.

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>While the US has 9 ugly shows and maybe 1 decent one
You must be underage or really dumb. I'm not even a /co/fag and even I know that's simply not true.
>Japan releases a hundred anime
Ahh yes this is truly worthy of watching this fine season
The epitome of animation right there.

Also if you're going to do a comparison using Japans seasonal chart, you shouldn't have used post COVID-19. We're at an all time low when it comes to releases right now. Way less than what we had a few years ago.

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america likes syndication and products it can make money reselling overseas.
also theres very little 'wholehearted' storytelling in america. everything needs to be jokey.

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frig off boobchuy is cute

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Don't forget RWBY!

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whoa HOT picked up

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>How coomers percieve the world
>tag-to-tag basis

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They both serve different purposes and audiences, so what’s the use in comparing the two?

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Transformers was an affect of capitalism, particularly corporatism, as a means to sell more product to the youth. You think your blight of a childhood and it’s mired treasures are so special, yet they are the same as the modern medias you criticize. Capitalism only serves to generate profit, whether for animation studios or toy companies. It does not give a fuck about artistic merit, and never has.

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>Corona only affects the US

Do you think that is a normal number of shows for Japan?
You poor deluded soul.

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you can't read english I see

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Based self-shill, not a bad meme

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Neither of these are all too reassuring. The standards of quality are atrocious on the left, but the standards of civility are atrocious on the right.

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This is everything wrong with both sides in one pic, nice.

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>not only does it have shitty and incredibly inconsistent models/animations due to having 4 studios working on with, the story is a shit show
Never heard of it.
I'm told it's good, not really my thing though
Only the good ones are memorable, that's why you think it only has good stuff.
Plenty of garbage there
Regardless, in the west the ratio is still retarded.
9 bad shows 1 decent one is a pretty realistic way of putting it.
At least with japanese shows the bad ones are bad because of story, not because they look like complete garbage.
Also, the japanese don't shove their shitty politic views into everything.

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>Also, the japanese don't shove their shitty politic views into everything.
They shove sodomy and LGBT but it's okay because Japan does it. Big mouth has a scene where they're naked in a public bath when virtually every single anime has underage girls naked in public baths or their own bathroom touching their privates.

Also, they shove getting girlfriends and birth rate propaganda. Hell you have a show right now called Rental Girlfriend as blatant as it is.

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Creators worked extensively with Japan to make the designs.

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>They shove sodomy and LGBT but it's okay because Japan does it.
Japan: Draws cute girl character, calls it a boy.
US: Draws ugly fat character that looks like a man, calls it a girl.

There is a reasons why the US comics industry is dying while the Manga industry is popping off.

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Manga is dying as well. Korean webtoons are the new hotness. This is why it’s easier to just make light novels or coomporn comics in Japan.

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>Manga is dying as well.
Not according to the publishers of Manga.

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You mean comics?

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Yesu mista investazu and sharu holdasu san. Manga is sutronggu in these haaard timesu. Please givu Asu mooore fundingu. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

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Cartoons have better waifu material

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>girls naked in public baths
Will this horror never cease?

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begone peedophile

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>tap dancing
he break dances tho

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>I love that she's still in middle school girl with this mature face

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Cartoons can't even be waifus.

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The term "waifu" was popularized by Azumanga Daioh, a japanese cartoon

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>yet another “muh japanimation has better waifu” thread
>japan still has not created a waifu comparable to the classic Gwendolyn Tennyson

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cartoons need a bit of imagination. but you can get a lot of cuties too. im not going to deny it.

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Shit opinion

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lol, quite the opposite, everyone tries to be logical so much to the point of utterly failing.

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>posts generic whore

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Anemone is still better though

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>posts beanmouth tumblrshit from the post-2012 culturpocalypse that has effectively neutered all forms of creative media for the forseeable future

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based Sasha poster

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Iris from Ruby Gloom, she makes weebs mad
Go watch RG it's cute

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