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Why are Asians always so much better at art?

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Fucks sake, the one of the left is as kitsch as can be.

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Bait. The chink missed the entire point and got the colors wrong

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>loomisfag redlines anime.jpg

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since when is van gogh is known for trying to paint as close to reality as he could?

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Both are good but completely different styles.

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>no people

typical soulless chang.

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There can be no objective criticism of artwork based solely on photographs of said artwork

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They only know how to copy

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>white man paints pokemon more skilfully than japanese man
>should expose how overrated anime is

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There are AZNPRIDERS who unironically believe this kind of stuff, lmao.

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Van Gogh is kinda shit desu.

He's basically the GG Allin of the art world

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>more realistic is automatically better

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>muh skill muh anatomy muh puhrspective muh fundies

Bait or not, I can't understand the trogs who fixate on these characteristics as if they're equal to art itself. My art has been called skillful but and it never makes all that happy, slightly on the positive side of neutral maybe. Skills are nice only in service to art. If you use your skills to paint like a hack thrift shop donor then why have skills at all.

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>Van Gogh
Why do you care.

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I will pray to god every night for him to give you better taste anon

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>Do people think Van Gogh was some kind of inept retard who just couldn't hack the realism his contemporaries painted with?
>Do they not realize his painting is more about exaggerated expression and intensity than about depiction.
>Are Asians so insectoid brained in their approach to creativity that they cannot embrace a form of art that's more sophisticated than a photograph.

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>realism means "more skillful"

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compare post-impressionalism to realism and conclude chinks are better
Apples to pears, congrats anon for being a faggot

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can you throw me in those prayers too please

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compared to some western realism masters the bug falls flat af
i hate expressionism but unironically right looks way better in terms of colors and atmosphere, left is just soulless

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Most famous painters are terribly overrated these days. Your average professional artist can probably reach similar levels of realism or rendering proficiency without much effort.

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I'm not even a vangogh fanboy but right is miles better, even just the color contrast between the yellow of the tent and tables vs. the blues of the rest of the city is immensely better and gives a warmth to the painting that the left simply doesn't have.

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Asians have the special advantage of being able to claim that they've only been doing art for eight months and that everything is a "quick speedpaint" even if they've practiced for twenty years and the picture took them a week and was done on top of a 3d render.

Also if you're Ross Tran you can just plagiarise other people's art and photos wholesale.

The OP pic is kitsch as hell, by the way. Giving everything a glossy highlight looks like trash.

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original plein air post-impressionism
cheap chinese bullshit
you can only pick one

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Soulless vs soul

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Yes, I am angry.

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You guys are all insane. The one on the left is much better artistically, aesthetically, technically, and compositionally. Van Gogh really could've gotten a lot out of Loomis, unfortunately

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I don't like Van Gogh but this screams twitter seething

>looks how much better this person in the 1960s repainted something from the 1800s

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>Asians have the special advantage of being able to claim that they've only been doing art for eight months and that everything is a "quick speedpaint" even if they've practiced for twenty years and the picture took them a week and was done on top of a 3d render.
Based and self-hating weebs fall for this hook line and sinker. They are so obsessed with this narrative that they will even ignore open truths like that mangaka have a bunch of autistic slaves available 24/7, often older and more experienced than they are.
Look at content made by asians and it's generic trash 99% of the time

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i don't like Van Gohg but the way he clumps values is better.

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at least van gogh painted from life
a painting looking so referenced from a photo seems soulless as fuck

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Yep. Plus the fact that there are billions of asians on social media and all of them strongly favor asian artists over anyone else, regardless of the quality of the actual art. Because asians are the most intensely racially segregating people (not going to say racist, since they're not - they just prefer to be with their kind). Not necessarily a bad thing in itself - it does mean that by the time the west has destroyed itself with feminism, hedonism, moral poverty and the resulting depression and self-hatred, and then dissolved quietly and tracelessly into an ocean of muslim immigrants, asian countries will have gone on as always, preserving their culture, their heritage and their ethnic uniqueness.

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If you think the left painting is done more skillfully than the right, you might have brain damage

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Impressionism is for eccentric crypto-niggers, is demoralizing and a stain on the West.

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left is for lonely grannies bro

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what time of day is the left even?

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Well that Van Gogh is crap though

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looks like sunset/twilight. dominated by ambient light because the sun is being blocked by all the buildings.

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thats not very clear

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it's pretty clear if you've experienced it in real life. go outside

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cheap copy as always, no spirit

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10$ painting from the home deco store
Van Gogh

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>Van Gogh didn't even know perspective
Fucking embarrassing /beg/ tier scribbles.

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he did not improve on the painting he painted an entirely new thing all together this is fucking retarded and i dont even like van gogh

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the airbrush virgin vs the hard round chad

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even if the one on the right was painted by a retarded goat fucking monkey I would prefer it over the left one. literally the poster child for soul vs soulless, the cherry on top being the soulless one is quite literally a chinese knockoff

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left seriously, unironically looks better. don't know why you guys are seething so hard about it besides "muh soul"

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t. never seen his other drawings

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>more realistic=better
get hit by a car faggot

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I think both are lovely and would hang them up in my house if I got both of them

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t. coping beglet

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>he doesnt know

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this artist's pokemon series makes me so happy.

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This is top tier bait op, actually impressive amounts of salt being harvested

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not realizing van gogh was a shit artist and only became popular after he died


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>hasnt seen van gogh's drawings

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>van gogh's drawings
theyre shit?

van goghs work is a gimmick OoOOo he uses apposing colors so talented wow who would have thought of that 10/10 masterpiece

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i guess black and white are opposing "colors'' so you're not wrong on his drawings being gimmick

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>sakimichan thread

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A middle schooler could draw better than Van Gogh. That's not the point.

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>haixia liu
when are banning china from the internet?

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That's because Van Gogh is a /beg/ by today's standards

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>chinese person copies something and does worse
stop the presses

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the real question is why did he make it daytime

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Implying left is close to reality

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Because you view asians as superior race better than everyone else at art. End of story

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The left looks like something that would be hung in Olive Garden. The right is obviously good art.

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excellent bait, cheers friend : )

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The left one makes me feel claustrophobic.

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Both suck

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Beginner here: why is right better than left?

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some supposedly really smart and sophisticated people decided that van gogh is worth a lot of money so now we all have to believe its true.
if you personally don't like the artwork though than it sucks.

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the left is by a Chinese artist emulating Thomas Kinkade's kitsch style. Its bad painting meant to be sold as cheap mass produced prints at flea markets to grandmothers who don't know any better. The color, brushwork, the values, its all a mess.
In the Van Gogh the cool and warm colors are grouped and separated in a very aesthetic way in the composition, whereas in the Chinese knockoff there is no strong value structure & transition between temperatures, its just a cheap mess.

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>In the Van Gogh the cool and warm colors are grouped and separated in a very aesthetic way in the composition
Retard, you wouldn't know a value if it stared you in the face. The fact that you are a /beg/ ngmi is crystal clear.

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but why is right considered a good piece in the first place?
as a complete beginner right looks like something someone would draw after taking 1 drawing class, what am i missing?

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taste? nigga i just started drawing
if I presented you the piece on the right and said I drew it, would you think of it as highly as you do?

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you couldn't, though, that's the point.

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That does not answer my question, and what you just said doesnt even make sense, because:
a. It does not look particularly difficult to paint, and if it, then please point out the parts the make it hard/unique.
b. the main question is: If it did not have the Van Gogh name tag on it, would it have the same artistic value?
>inb4 more obnoxious art student epic comebacks

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your entire point is anyone could paint like van gogh and people only care about the signature.
so go paint like van gogh and prove your point right you pathetic little bitch

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Nice get

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That is not my point, my question is why is it good?
If you cant answer a simple question like that you are no better than a beginner like me.
Plus It's literally impossible to "paint like van gogh", because im sure even if I manage to imitate van gogh you would still nitpick it. The only way to find out what you really think is if i get a time machine and steal one of gogh's paintings and present it to you.

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present it to you as one of my paintings*
Answer the question though: why is it good?

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Not him, but the only good thing about the painting is the use of hues, notably the play on cool and warm lights against each other. But the left is definitely 100x better and debating over taste will lead into semantics and subjectivity, do we judge the painting on the merits of it’s technical skill or what the painting is showing and telling us (the viewer)
Most people will obviously choose the left when it comes to “what looks good” assuming the participants who judges are in a vacuum so no other external influences will occur.

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That's all I wanted to know, thanks anon.
The other anon is a subhuman though.

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I could add more about why Van Gogh painting is better like showing the Parisian romanic cafe and contrasting it with the cool blue ish night sky in summer evenings.
The painting is 100x is better in showing that with just a impression and really capture that feel.

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Romantic cafe*
The cafe is vibrant yellow which is a good contrast to the blues.

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I don't see how this has to do with race at all

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>i cant paint so the guy disagreeing with me is subhuman lol

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You could not even answer why the painting is good until the other anon pointed it out.
You are a beginner just like me.

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How much of a fucking manlet is the trainer jesus.

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You're seeing its length (tail to nose), not its height (foot to top of shell). On all fours it would probably be about as tall as him or shorter even.

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It's obviously tue that the values are better separated in Gogh's painting
look at

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I’m the anon who pointed it out, but he does have some merits and points about the “soul” and tasteful aspect of Van Gogh painting over the Chinese one which was executed technically better but lost its charm and overall feel to the piece. For example the one in Van Gogh have figures that are interacting with each other.

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Nuke gooks

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All I read is Communist COVID-19 artist lmao. Get the fuck out of here

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I unironically like left better.

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