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Why do some people stop and stare at my work when I'm drawing in public? They look at it with such a disgusted/horrified look on their face.

Like, asshole, I get that I'm not that good but why the fuck would you stop and stare at someone's sketchbook drawings with such a terrified, disgusted look on your face? You might as well come up to me and tell me my art sucks, you piece of shit.

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Oh shut the fuck up, you whiney fucking cunt.

Only draw in the privacy of your home then.

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That's besides the fucking point ya cunt. You don't go up to someone and look at their art with such a blatant look of disgust.

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maybe you should stop drawing underage girls in lewd positions they'll stop anon. normies just don't get it.

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people generally react positively to me drawing in public even when im drawing sonic the hedgehog amy rose as autistically as possible. Maybe you should stop drawing futa scat porn in public and people wont be so terrified and disgusted that you exist

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shut up retard indian i only draw still lives and gestures at this poitn

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the joke is that youre supposed to ask to see and he's got some meme drawing he's prepared. why cant you fucking mega dweebs pick up on this shit

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get that weak ass, tired ass, lame ass meme shit out of here.

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the only thing less funny than OP is some thin wristed melvin like you trying to dunk on him

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>still lives
maybe stop drawing dead people then anon

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Stop drawing loli in public you autist

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who the fuck says melvin. you fucking boomer faggot kek

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