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Intro: https://streamable.com/onl3p1
Guide: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1057813058

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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this anime looks sick

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I've put up a FAQ page for the guide.
There's still a long list of questions that I haven't answered, so expect updates in the future.

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That is the most viewers for Rushia I seen in a while and its for a zatsudan...

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Towa visiting her own grave...

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what the fuck is this towa?

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i like towa's BGM

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You're a fucking retard

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I still want to look like Aya.

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I keep trying to like her, but ....

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So true, I understand what you mean.

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I understand the feeling.
I try to just like her, but I end up catching feelings. She's perfect, and I know I'll never have a chance with her.

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>t. Calli

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Calli's got self esteem issues.
I think you're thinking of Kiara. She's more likely to call her perfect.
Also, I'm not Kiara.

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It is time for another lunarian genocide

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6 million too few lunarians as we still have them

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never piss off your space mom

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Chang’e is a bitch nigger

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Yeah but WHY did they kill her son

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Know any juicy doujins that are more than simple plots that culminate in fucking?

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touhous exist to be fucked and lewded
they serve no other purpose

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Fuck off, secondary

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I'm planning to get a Touhou related tattoo. Any suggestion? My favorite characters are Chen and Sariel.
Also, if you have one, show us!

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Porn of Chen so anyone who looks at the tatto is shocked and frightened you’d get such a thing

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Tattoo "rabbit rabbit" onto your arm so you can remember every month.

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Someone posted this image in another thread, do you guys think it would make a good tattoo?

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It would make a good tshirt

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Get Chen's sigil from the Grimoire of Marisa.

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Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:


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The P word

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Are you just gonna scroll past without saying Howdy?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAxjHk2KtgU mya

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The Catch with Deron

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbASzpHdwWU puchisanji
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fksFixFX88 gunkan dancing s'il vous president

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Discussion concerning Higurashi, Umineko, Ciconia, Rose Guns Days, Higanbana, TRianThology, Haworthia and all other 07th Expansion works.

07th Expansion archive:

Umineko colored truths script:

Scorpion Charm:
https://pastebin.com/aa9NjGdU (embed)

Image Based Scorpion Charm:
https://pastebin.com/G5xm1rbQ (embed)

Previous Thread:>>35267116

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What does the CoZ patch do?

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The magnitude of Lambdadelta's cock is more on-topic than this.

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Guys This spinzaku meme is pretty funny. Also Shirley best girl!

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Alternative reality where all 07 girls are futanari

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That's the base reality

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Take it easy~

No deaths/guro thread, mild bullying ok

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mild bullying

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I started playing Eight Views and I'm really liking cute little Maricha.
I've gotten it used to the toilet, but it's still too dumb to pass the bronze badge exam.
My only complaint is that the game feels really slow, does that change when you have more money/yus?

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Easy days
Refreshing days

File: 164 KB, 850x1201, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_uchisaki_himari__sample-95f5fbd559d251efeebbd34f43ea6e8b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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why is there no marisa thread

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What happened to Mari..?

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Something that will never happen to you.

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Everyone fights over Marisa!

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why is everyone talking about my wife in this thread..?

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Excuse me? Are you stupid? Marisa-san is 'my' wife.

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previous >>35241845

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>not having a NemoPero folder

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Purifying this shit hole

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I love Jun. What a glow up. I will never get over it.

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the fuck wrong with her lips

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Previous thread: >>35242047

[New to the Game? Read first, Ask later]

EN: http://en.kancollewiki.net
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/

KanColle STAFF Twitter: https://twitter.com/KanColle_STAFF
C2 STAFF Twitter: https://twitter.com/C2_STAFF

Air superiority calculator/fleet builder:

Combat Mechanics:
JP: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%C0%EF%C6%AE%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6
EN: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Combat

Fit gun for BBs: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/?%CC%BF%C3%E6%A4%C8%B2%F3%C8%F2%A4%CB%A4%C4%A4%A4%A4%C6#h7905b57

Equipment upgrade values: http://i.imgur.com/1JfCOmJ.png
Destroyer gun bonus: https://i.imgur.com/K7PxY6z.png
LBAS values: https://i.imgur.com/AMwZvY8.png

Useful Akashi upgrades table: http://akashi-list.me/

Drop and construction statistics:

Quest tracking tool (needs updating): https://www.kahr-noss.com/OoyodoQuestTracker.html

KanColle Viewer (JP): https://github.com/Grabacr07/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (EN): https://github.com/Madmanmayson/KanColleViewer
KanColle Viewer (KR): https://github.com/CirnoV/KanColleViewer
Electronic Observer (JP): https://github.com/andanteyk/ElectronicObserver
Electronic Observer (EN): https://github.com/gre4bee/ElectronicObserver
Electronic Observer (CN): https://github.com/RadarNyan/ElectronicObserver-ML

-The Spring 2021 Event, "Clash! Battle of Lunga Point", is underway. It is a medium-scale event with 3 maps in the Main Operation and 2 in the Extra Operation. The event is scheduled to end on June 22 at 11:00AM JST.
-Friendly Fleets are available in E-1, E-4, and E-5.
-Takanami Kai-II has been implemented. It requires level 79, 1 BP, and 1 AR.
-The new ships in the MO are Matsu-class destroyer Momo (E-1 reward), Japanese submarine I-203 (E-2 drop), Yuugumo-class destroyer Makinami (E-3 drop), and the American Heavy Cruiser Northampton (E-3 reward). The new ships in the EO are Yuugumo-class destroyer Suzunami (E-4 drop), the Ice Breaker Souya (E-5 drop), and the American Brooklyn-class light cruiser USS Honolulu (E-5 reward).
-The new land-based planes added in the EO are the M21 Zero (Tainan Air Group), the M32 Zero (Tainan Air Group), and the M22 Zero (251 Air Group).
-There is now a new submarine special attack. It requires a submarine supply item, echelon/line abreast formation, and a Sub Tender as flagship with 2 subs in the No.2 and No.3 slots.
-The April ranking rewards have been distributed. The new equipment is the SBD-5 dive bomber. It will be available through other means this summer.
-As of the Feb 28, 2020 maintenance, due to the ongoing DDoS attacks, measures have been taken that requires players from certain countries to use a Japanese IP address to connect to the Login servers. After getting to the start screen it's possible to disconnect from the VPN and continue playing without it. If you still encounter connection issues try clearing your cache and changing your time zone to JST. These countermeasures are temporary as of right now. EN EO now bypasses the block. Another possible workaround is using https://github.com/Tibowl/KCCacheProxy
-The following ships will receive another remodel at some point in the future:
-->Kai-II: Mikuma, multiple Type A DDs, some "relatively small" carriers, an American carrier
-->Kai-II side remodel: The rest of the Kongou-class; Shigure (could be Kai-III)

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yeah, even with ASW support and OASW on Yahagi. After two dozen runs I have a 60% retreat rate, and reached the boss with a healthy fleet once.

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That's what Toukai is for.

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That is marginally more intersting look than the long light colored hair and peaked cap combo that is so common for CV-6.

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Post your fleet. Out of 39 sorties including 17 post-clear, I only retreated 4 times. None of my ships have rings.

>> No.35282513

Any useful farming spots this time?

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Nothing wrong with being a whore

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The Tatsunoko thread on /vt/ is full of unironic posts like this so if it's bait it's based off real behavior from real people

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i honestly would not be surprised at all if they went the exact opposite direction and we got either en2 or 6期生 announcement on july 2.

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meanwhile in /vt/

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Let's put the cards on the table.
You may or may not know the original, colombian version of Ugly Betty (which in spanish's called Yo onions Betty la fea). This is probably the most succesful telenovela (tv drama/soap opera) of all time, and it had like a bazillion dubs to many different languages.
So where do I come with all this shit? Welp, apparently there was a japanese dub for this TV show as well. The problem is, this 12 year old YouTube video I'm linking is the ONLY video on the internet most people have only found with media from the japanese dub.
Most people won't even give a shit, and I don't know where else to post about this, but I need to at least see if there's anybody out there who ever saw the show in this language. Anyways, sorry for the fucking cheesy shit, and thanks for reading if you came here.


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I had never heard of this, but thanks for the info, sounds interesting.

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