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Noel souls III

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Useless knight.

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This board is now officially under touhou

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get in here spinoff teens

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Go back to your dead shitposting boards.

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Granny edition

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But that's not Towa.

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Thanks you for trying!!

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I love you flan!

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thanks you for trying!!

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Otaku idol

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What's the best flavor of instant ramen?
Protip it's beef anyone who disagrees is tasteless

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fuckshits mods shitposting as usual

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This thread was moved to >>>/ck/13897918

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visible penis
visible tits
muultiple penises
multiple tits

fuckshits mods give no shit about NSFW
fuckshits mods force their shit no matter what

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Hello I'm new here

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fucking reported dipshit

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Do you talk to your mother with that tongue?

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I've finished 3 lately and feel kinda down now that I'm through it. Nothing to do but to slowly play Ciel, replay 2 and listen to the OST another time.

Gust threads might be dead but anon surely remembers this series.

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Otaku idol

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Just watched an interview with her, and I gotta admint, it was quite shocking to see/hear a Japanese girl who is a native English speaker, and has trouble with Japanese as much as we do...

mind = blown

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Gensokyo is in dire need of burgers right now! /jp/, help them out!

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I've seen tons of anime and manga that homeless people in Japan are such bros. Is that really true? Here in North America they're just mentally ill druggies that are a fucking eyesore.

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I've only ever seen them be filthy rapists who somehow have STDs, even when the girls they rape are sluts and it's unlikely the homeless person has sex much.

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I don't know that they're "bros" but they're still japanese and because there is no greater shame than being homeless they're constantly avoiding the public eye and constantly looking for ways to make a few hundred yen by doing menial work that pays nothing since they're not going to stand on a Shibuya street corner and yell at people to throw coins into a coffee cup as they would in the western world.

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retarded shitfucks mods retarded shitfucks as usual

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I bet she does so many other lewd things with her heads...

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Imagine going to the beach and seeing bankiheads popping out from the sand all around you. That would be scary.

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*That would be lewd and cute.

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I wanna take one of her heads home.

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Reminder that all your favorite 2hus would actually be disgusted by you, your headcanon isn't real, ZUN will die before he can end the series properly, the games aren't actually fun and you are browsing a SFW board for porn. Have a nice day (lie).

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>your favorite 2hus would actually be disgusted by you
Your headcanon isn't real.

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started reading there.

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I want /v/ to leave.

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/v/ is jaypees bigger sister

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Fuck off you dumb crossposter

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do u like big bunnies?

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Cirno selling her popsicle!

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Guys, I'm worried about MJ.

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A thread to discuss medium sized chuubas and below that aren't part of Hololive or nijisanji.

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Sephira is cute! CUTE!

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Fuck off, no one above 100k, even that is pushing it. No Tamaki, Mea, and other garbage associated with nijiholo.

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Cute kizuner.

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Please check out this small VTuber, she recently hit a nice sub milestone!


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It's mostly personal preference, but I like HoneyStraps.

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Previous thread:

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Cursed Peko

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Make them more interesting.
I unironically think YAGOO would be a better vtuber than them.

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be the change you want to be in the world, give them homos some aka supas

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But the nijisanji males are being rewarded just fine for their talent.

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What do you ironically think?

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i ironically think that this is a good website

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