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My wife rumia refuses to go on a diet and now she has eaten the entire pantry
I cant wait to see the results

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Rumia doesn’t want to be flat anymore she wants big jiggly boobies so she is now on a high carb diet to gain weight

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that is why you must keep her well fed

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Would you watch a Rumia-hosted mukbang?

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>but your explanation makes more sense than mine would
Haha, nah, not really. It's just wishful thinking of mine. Rumia is my favorite danmaku girl, but I seriously doubt she'd appreciate darkcore. She's a dum dum, so slightly more realistically, I see her listening to cute, child-like music like Lullatone, Klimperei, Kuricorder Pops Orchestra, or that one east-asian project with the cartoon marching band animals playing cute music.

But it's all just more wishful thinking. She'd probably actually dig those asmr videos of pets eating various meats or something.

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