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Helping out at the shrine. It's a warm summer day, you've just finished sweeping up the courtyard. Sweat beading at your brow.

Your wife calls out. "Tea's ready!" Ready as usual, you walk back to the shrine, Reimu Hakurei is waiting. With a humble platter of tea and the midday snack. Miso and tea.
After a bit of relaxing and chatting in the shade of the shrine besides Reimu. You look over and nod. She leans against you smiling.
You then hear some noise from within the shrine.

Your young daughter, steps out and climbs onto your back. "Papa!" All is wonderful in Gensokyo in this moment of peace. As transient as time is. The serenity of surround washing away the bodies stresses, the family healing the soul, and days finish worked putting the mind at ease.

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