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>No matter how big he is
>No matter what skills he has
>No matter how scary he may look

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>Cool. See there has to be some kind of energetic lock even if it's some small ass pathetic one. What is it anyway a specific organ?

You really should first read up on just what mana is in the MGE and how it works. World Guide 3 has the most in-depth information on it:


>This. This right here shouldn't be a thing. I knew something was nagging at my brain. This violates the mechanics of mana transfer unless she has a ridiculously low amount to start with. Even if she did, then how would she keep from draining dudes sandwiches to nothing if she liked him?

To an extent monsters can control when they drain someone and how much. They just have such big appetites that in the former age it'd be hard to not overdo it (plus most monsters didn't care if they killed the man).

But now that loving mana drains create more energy, the monster can continuously return enough mana to keep the man going. That is, she can use her own mana that she is converting his mana into as a sort of life support system. Mamono mana also spurs a man's body to produce more mana of his own more quickly.

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And another not safe for work scenario.


>“It's not particularly the sort of research you have to rush to produce results, right?”

>Inside the dim room which is illuminated solely by the faint light of mana, the man lying on the bed spoke thus to the darling little girl in his arms as she leaned closely against him.

>Both the witch girl and her male partner are naked as the day they were born, and the sweet warmth in the air between them calls to mind the passionate session they had just had.

>“That's right, but... uhm”.

>As if gathering her thoughts, the exceedingly young witch hesitated as she spoke, but her words continued while she buried her face in the man's large chest.

>“When the new spell I'm making now is finished, I'll receive a sizable sum of money. Like I said before, I wanna go to 'Court Alf (kooto arufu)' with onii-chan. It's surely a cool and beautiful place.”

>Court Alf is the name of a city that had previously made the eyes of the girl in his arms sparkle when she picked up a travel brochure. It seems the place is hyped up as a city of water where one can enjoy seven islands and the singing voices of seven songstresses.

>“But then, we can go eventually even just by selling the mana accumulated in the 'mana cage', can't we? I could try appropriately going out to garner some earnings myself too”.

>The man likes what a hard worker his witch is. But at the same time, he feels that he doesn't want her to overwork herself.

>“Uhm, it's almost the anniversary of when I first met onii-chan, and besides... The spell I'm making now is...”

>The witch's cheeks blushed a bit as she muttered something into the man's ear. While enjoying the girl's breath on his ear and listening to her words, the man's eyes suddenly grew wide with surprise a moment later. At the same time, the man's penis became so hot that it practically looked as if it were steaming and it began to hugely assert its presence regardless of the fact that he had ejaculated a number of times exceeding double digits just a little while ago.

>As expected, onii-chan is looking forward to it too This spell...”

>The witch extends her little palms towards the man's erect penis and starts fondling it like she's handling a treasure.

>“So, I'll try hanging in there just a bit longer.
>...After onii-chan becomes smaller”,

>said the witch while fondling his rigid member, and she took it in her little mouth in such a way that showed she loved him from the bottom of her heart.

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treat your sweeties to sweets

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Everyone ready for some lessons on a witch's body and a healthy dose of Sabbath propaganda? http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1752


>Here's What's Amazing About a Witch's Body!

>The witches of Sabbath invariably have the form of adorable little girls, and they embody one of Sabbath's ideals which is “to convey the charm and depravity of little girls to the world”. Sometimes there are misunderstandings about this, but there's more to it than mere taste and preference. A sexual preference for our childish form certainly is a wonderful thing too, but one of the major reasons is that such a body in fact confers a huge magical advantage.

>For one thing, it's to further increase the effectiveness of the “malevolent power that ramps up the more we defy the teachings of the scriptures and the more we succumb to depravity” granted by baphomets. According to human values, it's absolutely forbidden for tiny young girls like witches to engage in the same activities that other monsters do such as seducing and lying with men, or further shockingly, getting pregnant, but that is precisely the source of the “depravity” enshrouding witches. If a witch lusts for a man or is lusted after by a man, just that alone makes her a being whose very existence repudiates human “morality” and “ethics”. Just having feelings for each other and living together, just mutually touching and holding hands as they walk, makes them depraved beings.

>Also, when they obtain a male and have sex, regardless of their choice of partner, no matter what sort of person their beloved is, the depravity dwelling within will inflate, regardless of whether he be a small young boy of around the same age, a tried and true onii-chan with such a size difference that they can even be called big bro and little sis, or an uncle so far removed in age that they look like parent and child. No matter what sort of male they are joined with, in any case, the childish form of a witch makes them beings rife with depravity. For such reasons, the young little body of a witch makes them perfectly optimal to serve as vessels for “depravity”, which baphomets require to increase their power.

>And that's not the half of it. Based on the research of our Sabbath, it is believed that the body of a little girl is extremely well suited to spellcasting and replenishing mana. Just as children absorb all sorts of things as they grow, since a young witch's body is maintained in an immature state where she grows from absorbing various things from her surroundings, it enables her to more easily absorb mana from outside her body. In other words, they have a superior essence siphoning ability. And since they are monsters, unlike human children, they can even siphon essence through their mouth and vagina. Despite being tiny, these organs are extremely well suited for holding a penis deep inside and sucking up essence; the rate of efficiency of converting obtained semen into mana is at least on par with, if not better than that of an inma. Furthermore, since their body is constantly developing, they're also highly adaptive in that when they receive pleasure and mana from men, their body can change so that they're able to absorb it with even greater efficiency. That is to say, by repeatedly having sex, they can even more easily build up their body to be extremely sensitive to the pleasure induced by onii-chan and greedily absorb essence and accumulate mana.

>Additionally, since their body easily absorbs mana and magic power provided, they are also well suited to mastering magic that is autocast. They have an affinity for various systems of magic such as “nymphomancy”, in which spells are invoked by pure desire, and “theriomancy”, in which spell formulas are imprinted in one's instinct. “Dark insignia”, which engrave spell formulas into the body, also acclimate to their body more easily.

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Reminder that familiars are not trustworthy.

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Still cute

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Not him, but as far as I see they're nice enough art and they do fit with the cute side of the setting (like in the official art here). I for one don't care why he commissions them so long as any ulterior motive doesn't show itself in the actual art.

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That familiar is plotting something.

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Pastebin for the recent World Guide 3 Mana Overview translation: https://pastebin.com/V8VF9ZEi

To see it fully formatted and with images you can find it on MGR: http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1606

And if this seems repetitive, don't worry. I won't keep posting this each thread, I think at this point most people should be aware of the newest translations.

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Pastebin for the recent World Guide 3 Mana Overview translation: https://pastebin.com/V8VF9ZEi

To see it fully formatted and with images you can find it on MGR: http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1606

Both have been updated/amended to fix an issue with the original where it was stated it was just the chief god who was exhausted in battle. The text explicitly refers to "gods" plural, presumably allies of the chief god.

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MGR just posted the next section of World Guide 3 to be translated. Prepare to have pretty much every question you've ever had about mana in the MGE answered. http://monstergirlsredux.com/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1606

Here's a pastebin version. It lacks the pictures and captions for said pictures, and you may find the version on MGE easier to read but I know some of you prefer pastebin. https://pastebin.com/3Kf0mfEz

Will post the images and their captions here next.

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