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She's way too old, did I get into the wrong school?

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>can't be within the same company
so all those schizos who are scared of the girls talking to holostars are fucking dumb? I guess we already knew that. But also doesn't that mean the yuri shit in hololive isn't real because that would be banned too....

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With cheaters ruining ranked and the possible leaked legend looking stupid and unfun to deal with, the APEX arc will finally end with Season 9. I'm glad the holos seemed to have fun, but the ones that based their entire career around APEX are definitely not going to be okay

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Why are you guys so hard on Matsuri?
She is lonely and sad and just wants to be loved just like you, anon

she fucks up and doesn't know how to deal with relationships because she obviously had problems with forming human connections when she was young so give her a break.
she should be dealt with carefully and with consideration

you'd think she would be the most relatable person in Hololive or maybe you hate her so much because she reminds you too much of your self, anon

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>go to porn thread on 2ch
>it's all shit
how do we save erolive....

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>a cuter laugh

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You can't make this shit up

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female gachis are real, and they are very scary. Stay away from them.

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why do 35ps falseflag as nakirigumis when they need to piss off kenzokus? t. not matsurisu

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she couldn't help herself, now her and Kuzuha's careers are over...

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I hate my timezone.

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which holos did though?

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Is it wrong that part of the reason I would want to become a holostar is to increase my chances of interacting with cute Japanese vtubers that aren't in hololive that I like like 774 girls or VOMS girls?

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I refuse to believe this, because there is no way a fan hasn't sent her or her roommate a dick pic

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I was reading the comments on that one Japanese clip of Matsuri talking about the managers forcing Hal to make sure the girls aren't matched up with any boys expecting to see a bunch of unicorn comments going "YEP, GOOD JOB MANAGERS, IDOLS STAY WINNING!!!!" only to find a bunch of people saying "wow that's fucking stupid, you shouldn't have even entered this tournament if you seriously care this much about that. Do holocorns really think Cover's staff is all women or something?" and praising the fact that Hal managed to work around that bullshit request and also complaining about how dumb it is that management restricts them that much. So what the fuck? I thought JOPs were supposed to be hardcore unicorns, did you guys lie to me?

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>Matsuri – Sunflower
>Known as the “Happy flower”


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Do people only use Fubuki for their homo shit because they know that if they attempted to use Matsuri, their whole "MEN DESTROY CHANNELS" thing would be complete bullshit?

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All those "Roberu and Pekora are siblings" jokes in these threads become a hell of a lot sillier to me after seeing the only holo roommates that Festival's roommate follows are Roberu's and Pekora's

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>The most frequent type included forced kissing, breast, and genital fondling

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>/jp/ board
>I'm not japanese

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why is it that only Gen 1 and Gen 5 have an original group song?

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Admit it, some of you only tuned in because you're waiting for Pekora or Moona to login so you can spam ENTER posts and initiate more kensetsu shitflinging

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There is still hope for TMS... R-right?

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