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Hime, please your piano streams, just go back to doing a stream at midnight onegai...

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well at least I'm spaniard. it's not that bad is it?

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Is it fun to play with my feelings like this anon?

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y-yes I'm sorry anon... don't shoot

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Is something supposed to be happening in this trident farm?

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Takos are a CULT, initiation is a group fap session.

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I missed out on the relay but that's some true RRAT bait. Festival......... You menhera...

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I had a bad day anons, post your oshi being cute please

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Zombrades what did she mean by this?

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>Aloe ate 2 weeks for shit she said years ago that was obviously not something she wanted the public to see and/or forgot about

No she didn't.

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>still liking touhou in 2021

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If I did, she'd probably scream something about Hoshikawa, jump out the window and limp away panting repeatedly saying Hskw-saaaaaaan while leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

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>anything EN related

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And then you look at the clip where she acts the same way Matsuri acts when Tamaki calls in, it's actually quite pitifful. If it's a bit by Matsuri it's a damn good one, so good that I want Matsuri to immediately drop the act and find something else to do.

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SEA hours

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Isn't DBD a hyper debuff game?

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I wish /hlg/ had wholesome stuff like this.

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How am I supposed to fall asleep when everyone keeps streaming.

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>Ayameposter's hard work is crumbling down because Ina's chat made her draw a picture for Ayame's birthday and now they've latched onto the rrat that makes her out to be a bitch and racist

It's not fair.

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>still using "vidya"

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This is what happens when you hire a bunch of illiterate pajeets to do your vital infrastructure

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I would like to apologize for my words in the last thread. I said that KFP employees were cultists and Kiara was the mastermind. I said that she was brainwashing her workers with her zatsudans. KFP is not a cult. They are a family. A great big family which has absolutely no cultish things to do with them. Yes, that is right. They are a family. Not a cult.

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Why don't these guys just pull up the lyrics to the song they're going to sing?

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