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>i share a site with these people
i just wish to enjoy luna and the other members i enjoy, for fucks sake. also i know she can persevere, and i think manager sama actually got involved and didnt set a stream up today anyways. I did hear her recovery has been going well to say the least

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>constant negative energy
>always angry
i at least get the hate of the manager and such, but jesus fuck we have so much pettiness that this place is like a fucking nail salon for 50 year old women. I want coco to be happy and free of this dumb drama, yet you all gaslight it. You constantly ask for everyone to hate the talents. You constantly make everything negative when its supposed to make people happy. Can we please just go ONE thread without fighting?

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Everyone else is going on a break for Valentine's except Luna...

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The fucking warg will return for his kill

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Watching Botan for the first time. What should I expect?

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Luna is streaming soon, hopefully

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i really feel worried whenever i talk luna there: theres too many nasty people there

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I go to bed after the fucking marine rimworld stream and everything here has exploded

what the fuck happened?

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What the fuck is the menhera getting herself into this time?

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Reminder if you’re not 6ft, fit and white, you’re invisible to your oshi.

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>12th place
luna thats not good....

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Jesus I opened that when my little sister was in my room. Fuck me anon. Lucky she didn't see

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dont bring that dark magic here

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Its still miles better than what she had before and would be ahead of Towa if Cover didn't start pushing her so hard

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i feel sorry for luna in this anyways, but she did have a good cover of hajimete no chu once again. fucking hell....

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Not a Watamefag but she seems like the holo with the least yabe out of everyone. So why did they push Towa so hard?

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It's never going to end, is it?

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4 more hours...
Until it starts!

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I frankly have 0 care for holoCN and never did

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>tfw the only boat I didn't get was Fubuki, she's high level meta and they will NEVER run the collab again after the China fiasco

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Im 20

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thanks for making me feel old Luna

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Subaru at least had her revenge when she forced Luna out of the bed

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