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>Don't bother with premade decks. You'll learn to most basic words and grammar at the same time more effectively just by reading.
is this how you started? read through tae kim then just dove right into reading? what did you start with? where you looking up every single word? what "level" would you say you are at now? how long have you been reading?
I've been following this pic and I was under the impression that I would need a very basic vocab knowledge in order to start reading. I'm currently going through the Tango N5 deck as well as reading Yotsuba and watching cute SoL stuff with jpn subs. It takes about 30 mins to go through my anki reps currently which is fine since I have unlimited free time atm but that is soon to change and inevitably this will dig into my reading/watching time then.

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Can someone link me the 'improved core3k' deck?

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go follow the guide instead of crying like a bitch about me loser might learn some nihongo

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