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She's so cute

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Cute but dead. No content, just the same images.
Yet somehow, she's still associated with vtubers despite not even streaming or even really being a personality. How did that happen anyway?

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/jp/=niwaka board and chinese drones

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this frog sends /jp/nigger into mental breakdown

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haha silly reddit frog what’s he doing on 4chan lol

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Hayao Miyazaki announced the making of a new film based on the novel, How Do You Live by Genzaburō Yoshino written in1933. Does any body know where I could get an English copy?

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get fucking rangebanned request shithead troll

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The otaku idol thread

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Hey, I'm starting a "lecture club" with friends, but instead of books we are gonna be reading VNs.

I want to propose memey Vns, like Yurinate,
Kokonoe Kokoro...

Can you think more VNs like those?

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Mina is the queen now.

You can hand your used Dahyuns, Nayeons, Cubrillas and Jongersses for recycling at the other end of our 15 000-mile marketplace.

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post the blue armpit before this thread is deleted

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shitfuck kpop mod is shitposting like the fuckshit he is

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The otaku idol thread

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Why Japanese girls irl are so ugly compare with anime?

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Why are American women so fat compared to Hollywood movies?

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Heh, 3D. As expected.

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Anime is shit

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mods truly are retarded fucks

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Me on the left btw

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For me? It's this ugly son of a gun.

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Why does he cook the pasta?

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Why do people still think bane memes are funny?

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/jp/ cup team roster poll
cross-4chan AI soccer matches with players chosen by each board's posters.
vote for who to remove or add. suggest music and uniforms.
fun. next tournament streamed this coming July. /jp/ has historically done well but never been champions

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Lotta loyalty for a tired meme

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That's for the best.

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100k to go.

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Fuck Artia

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Artia playing healslut means she wants to get raped right?

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Leaving this here.

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The otaku idol thread

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Previous: >>24064501

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Bro this bitch is even uglier than Marinka.

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Still doesn't invalidate anything.

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Exactly. Who do they think they're calling a plastic whore?

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I must say that in this particular pic, she is as ugly as Rieri.

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This pic makes her look related to Pikasa.

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You think we're stupid and won't notice you pushing threads off the catalog?

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the fuck are you talking about? my enquiry is completely genuine

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why yes i only post in idol threads

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bender thread

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still better than that Nazrin thread

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I don’t think Lee browses /jp/.

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anything is better than that rat!

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formerly fuck

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and feed

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mods are retarded shit one again

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