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It's coco

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Tell me Anon, who's fault is it that Ina is asking for a translator if she collabs with Marine? If you say it's Kiara's fault then you might have a case of Orange Woman Bad and you should seek the medication needed to get your mind straight.

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I wouldn't say he's bad, I just don't think Apex is his kind of shooter. Watching him playing Apex, I can tell he has some really really good game sense and knowledge but Apex is too much of a fast paced shooter for him to really do what he tries to do. I'd like to see him play a slower type of shooter like R6 or something he'd probably be really good at it.

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>They don't cost all that much to make either

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I wonder how Kiara would have handled those shitposting Marshmallows considering how fragile she is.

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Gura is being extra bratty in this collab.

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>open stream
>gura is late
>close stream

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Hey Todd, I've neverr played your game or bought it before. What are you gonna do about it?

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I genuinely do enjoy my anger at this because get to see the girls laugh at least

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Boss is a wing(ass)man, he's just there to cheer on Oga and Friend's friendship.

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Yeah no, Anya has fully embraced the kusogaki lifestyle now, holy shit. Please give me a collab with Shion, Anya and Rushia.

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It's okay, it's just a reminder than I need to should be doing my sleep reps.

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>they won't stay the entire day, will they?
Nah they'll be here for the next month or so

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>Astel hears a girl voice
>Goes completely silent
>But goes try hard and rushes to get her banner in order to revive
>She says thank you as he brings her banner to a revive point
>Astel literally goes silent before telling everyone that he doesn't know what the fuck to do because he really really likes her voice
>Proceeds to tell chat that she has the same sort of voice as someone he had a crush on in middle school
>then proceeds to die

Astel playing on American servers is turning out to be the worst and best decision he's ever made.

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>the nintendo switch face

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>nigward from france

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>first usage is in global
Every single time

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>wiped by the circle

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>Unironically watching Aki

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So the real ayame schizo was the ayamecuck all along

>My whore is pure! Show me the evidence! Stop the count! Investigate the judges!

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Just you, I'm gen 2 poster

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Wrong thread
Wrong board

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