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>Oga wants to make a radio show with Ueshama just to rub it in Roberu's face
>Roberu's only request is that they let him in as a guest every week
NTR majin...

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Oga's sore buttcheeks...

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>Management banned holo talents from playing naughty word dice game, cuz "manko"
>Roberu improvised a dice (?) game that was similar to the dice game that uses hiragana instead of numbers.
>Oga wanted to make a game for Roberu that censored the "ma" in "manko" cuz that's the whole issue management had.
>Streamed the RPGMaker game he made in 3 days, people liked it. Said it will only be distributed among Hololive if they want to play it.
>Dev disagreed with the censoring, but it was clear that he was super butthurt about something else and kept stirring shit up.
>Banned Vtubers from playing the game, indirectly pinning the root of the cause to Oga.
>Immediately backtracked because he's a dumb shit who didn't bother understanding context.
>Oga got some shit, so he apologized and privated the video.
Now we're at present, where the dev tweeted "don't cause problems for your oshi now lol" and pinned his tweet that promoted the game, which wasn't pinned before. I hope nobody ever plays his game ever.

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>Oga saying he'll burn the bar if Rob got the Kushala plate
>Son immediately gets it
Oga... Your luck was never meant for you...

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True, oga gave us this gem though

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That’s uh...huh

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