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reminder to never get emotionally or financially invested in women you aren't fucking

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I want to go back...

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because retarded newfags like you give them attention and moderation doesn't exist in this thread

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Why bother owning a pet anyway? Too much work and they involuntarily fuck your shit up.

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>friend still sub only and comments turned off
what the fuck is wrong with chinks?

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looking forward to matuli's performance, she always delivers

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imagine if you could get paid ridiculous amounts of money to stream whatever the fuck you want. some people don't have money trouble/huge ambitions and just wanna chill. if I were a vtuber in a huge agency that guarantees a certain degree of success, I would do the same. just do whatever I like and get paid without chasing numbers

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You're right but malicious moderation is exacerbating the problem of newfags being unable to ignore shit they don't like. Look at this very thread. Watamespam got deleted whilst ENspam stays up. I'm never leaving this fucking board, stop trying you retarded meidos.

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>giving a shit about japanese reddit
certified globaltard moment

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right thread

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I'm a consumer, I give 0 fucks about their business, I only care about the quality of the product. That said, gatekeeping online communities has little to no bearing on revenue. 4chinz is fairly tiny compared to reddit where the EOP masses could have hung out. But it's hard to gatekeep when you have meidos working against you the incompetent fucks. If only we had our own pocket meido like the nijinegroids.

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I'm 29, never used twitter or instagram and deleted my FB like 5 years ago, ask me anything.

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kill yourselves

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God I love being an only child.

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why do nips love HP so much anyway?

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Just went and got some store-bought sushi from a german supermarket, wish me luck.

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What's our biggest accomplishment, fondling friend's posterior or getting twap to ellipsispost?

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Am I supposed to give a fuck if Matsuri tolerates them
lmao fucking dumbass
Are you a child

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>Wake up
>Remember Matsuri promised to beat Sans 4 months ago and she never delivered

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Who else is watching the Euros on one monitor and streams on the other?

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This is nothing compared to when coc and chammers got suspended though? You a newfag?

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How anyone can suffer living in this world without being a jaded cynic is beyond me.

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Really? I just wanted to watch until the story of dio was concluded, but now you make me reconsider.

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