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Take us to the promised land, bitch...

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>Martyr complex

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Ever since the chink shit started, Kaichou cried 2 times.

Once on her 800k celebration stream, when she felt conflicted about setting up her chat to be members-only, thus making new people feel unwelcome, or leaving the chat open and nobody being able to enjoy the stream because of it, there was no good option, guilt for others.
I also think the lyrics of Tegami hit too close at home for her, that also played a part.

The second time she cried it was because management made her antis mods, it was too late when she found out and thousands of her members were already banned, guilt for others again.
She spent weeks on twitter personally unbanning people but there still members to this day that don't show up in her chat, her channel is completely fucked in multiple ways, every day there was a new random word that got your message shadowbanned, even superchats had bugs that wouldn't let you send them with certain letters, yes letters, not words.
This doesn't even take into account all the tatsunokos on twitter that you can't reply to unless they are following you, want to know why that is? because they too got harassed, even some artists that drew her suffered the same fate.

Even now, the timing is just horrible if you realize how many members have been getting spammed the last couple of weeks for no reason other than Coco's channel having a special VPN ban that prevents spam, you may believe she had already made her decision months ago, but the reality is that this is what probably pushed her over the edge.

Coco has never cried because of what they did to her, it's always been thinking about others, be it her fans or other holomen.

I wanted to set this straight because i haven't seen anyone mention this and i feel disgusted when i see people claiming she left because of creative differences with management, she was perfectly fine with it and even agreed with them, a good example of this is whehn she talked about Haachama during the schizo arc.

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I don't love the schizos, they should honestly kill themselves.

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What a dork

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Only 1 of those posts is mine.
Are you schizophrenic?

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>I'm gonna remember that
>I just touchd some corn

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Shes so dumb
I love her

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I love Coco.

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I love Coco.

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it's preatty clear at this point that homoposter is not a homofan, just a schizo but i can't catch from what thread...

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I made bread but it has too much alcohol in it from fermenting and it feels like I'm eating booze
how do I prevent this?

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I fucking love dorks

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why is the capacity of car batteries measured in amp hours instead of watt hours?

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just reinstalled debian testing after trying out manjaro for a week
why do people recommend that trash?

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I bought a moka pot on amazon
any tips on how to make decent coffee with it?

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First Mario game please understand, in fact she hasn't played many platformers before, only Kirby and the mechanics there are very different.

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It's a funny running gag but please don't take it too seriously, she has a Wii and a 3DS (played Dragon Quest with it).

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