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There will be no comeback this time. The Vtuber world has already entered the endgame phase, most of her fans will simply move on to Iroha/La+. It's just bad luck that she has 2 direct competitors from gen6. Not to mention haft a year of doing nothing but 1 hour meme streams has ruined her channel

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Imagebros we can't lose this one too!

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No thanks, that's gay.

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What the fuck the ladyboy is a total pussy

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>oga has more views than matsuri
what went wrong?

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I made a massive mistake in assuming Iroha was going to be the group's designated retard

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Seeing pens from my elementary school days posted ITT is kinda weird

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Please no...

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Elections in japan will make that vtubers cancel their streams for fear to getting doxxed

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>Management don't have a reason to tell them about other holos projects and holos telling each other about them is just one more way to accidentally leak it

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Holy fuck, Watame will have a heart attack.
Good thing she will never reach the ending in her lifetime.

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The watamates are a peaceful society, we would never attack anyone without provocation

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But why are turtles depicted in video games in ways that you can knock them out of their shells? I also remember seeing a dinosaur cartoon when I was little where the turtle could leave his shell.

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Big if true...

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Not a friend anymore...

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That's a man, isn't it?

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Guys stop using up the images.

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Why are the /jp/ users so fucking autistic? There's like a million 2hu threads that are just a timeloop of the same shit with the same people circlejerking over Remilia's feet or something equally important. God forbid that there is 5 holo threads that contain their discussion inside of them on the same board.

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I thought you guys said that Peko doesn't like to yuribait?

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>no one talked about Ollie's appearance at all
Damn is she the actual most hated holo?

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