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Short hair is always better. If only she were less aggressive though.

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I want to be with Yuuka & marry her. I want to be there when she's at her lowest & finally have someone else to talk to besides her lovely flowers. Yuuka is misunderstood & very little people would even try to get in contact with her. I do understand the risks of doing so, but you will never know until you try, & besides, there is only a net positive in this gamble.

I want to be there when Yuuka finally teases me for the first time, I want to be there when Yuuka finally opens up to me, & I want to be there when she decides to settle down & start a happy family with me.

I would take care of our daughter in her small house in the Garden of the Sun & after she's done tending her flowers; me, our daughter, & Yuuka can finally go back to Mugenkan to cuddle on our bed until we fall asleep.

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