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rumia is a defenseless little girl dude

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It's alright, anon, no one blames you for liking lolis.

I haven't. It feels like you're just saying that because you hate me, and I don't think there's any way I can convince you that I just want to lead a happy life without hurting anyone.

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Lolicon is not a disease. It's perfectly normal to be aroused by lolis.

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/jp/ please I need advice just earliwr today I was daydreaming and I thought about nice it must feel to run my hands up Rumia's inner thighs and caress her privates! It was super gross, I mean why would I think about such a sweet and pure girl that way, it's just so crazy that maybe I am going insane? My life is over now though. How can I kiss my fumos goodnight knowing what horrible thoughts have run through my mind? It's awful. See you in Gensokyo.

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