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Fubuki loves this majin

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This cute majin

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i miss him...

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here's my n6 crack at it, anyone feel free to correct

1st post:
"Overseas, copyright is sometimes looser [than in Japan]
For instance, if modifications aren't explicitly prohibited, then fan patches and mods can be made for Steam games without getting permission from the creator first.
For that reason, some overseas bros are saying 「What the heck is with this guy?」 about [the dice game's] creator."

2nd post: not related just saying takoparty was fun

3rd post: "As someone who makes mods for western games, let me tell you:
It's not that 'some' overseas bros think that way. Most of them do."

4th post:
"And they don't feel weakly about it either, they feel that way strongly.
'User's rights' and all that."

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