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When does Yuuka release? If I save cubes now am I guaranteed to get her?

Coming from FGO it's actually so fucking refreshing seeing the global release do something different and not have the same problems JP had, god damn

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>what's one thread to your 30+ dead threads that stay up for 3 months
I mean I know you're all newfags who can't appreciate a slower board than /v/ but you don't have to flaunt it so shamelessly.

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Yuuka the cbt queen

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>1 dimensional products of a souless corporation for the sole purpose of leeching off the wallets of lonely men
>"models" are as stiff and non expressive as a muppet
>the actors behind the models are gross 3DPG that get old and have mind-numbing drama between themselves, basically indistinguishable from w*men.
>vtuber "personalities" are nothing but a facade to leech more money off lonely men, and doesn't extend any further than incomprehensible screeching and mundane surface level comments on the games they're playing
>Infinite world with extensive lore, ability to spawn endless content in every possible entertainment medium
>2hus never get old, practically immortal and capable of forever being imprinted into human culture like stories of ancient greek gods (vt*ber will fade into obscurity before long, not even worth a footnote in a page of human history)
>Their personality is whatever you want them to be, highly customizable and infinitely likeable
>The game series is the furthest thing from a souless corperation, creator (ZUN) subsides only on a comfy lifestyle of beer and wearing a very stylish hat, and doesn't even care if you make money off his IP in your own projects.
How does it feel to s*mp a corporate entity?

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You know i had a funny thought Akyuu. You're someone who can move on from person to person in their memories, never dying, and never forming any human connections for a large part of their life. You've become immortal, and you no longer retain your humanity. You've abandoned your humanity. You know what they call someone like that Akyuu? A youkai. You're a youkai Akyuu.

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Post art of the best mommy pls

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Let the old girl just live a little.

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