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Can we get some actual moderation this thread? There was so much garbage that stayed up last thread.

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Why the fuck would anyone here care who you fap to?

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First people blamed /v/ raiders, then they blamed global raiders, now they blame /vt/ raiders.
Yet the threads have remained consistently shit all throughout. It's almost as though the majority of the posters in these threads come from /v/.

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I remember when *actions* were considered a bannable offense.

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Sometimes, I get the feeling you people just like shitposting.

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Are you satisfied with the current state of these threads?

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Why does this guy keep trying so hard to include the IDs with the JPホロメンバス

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This thread is already going to shit, all the worst posters are showing up.

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Polka's singing and Flare is playing RE, yet you faggots choose to post about an ID instead.

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We have multiple holoJPs streaming, yet you faggots would rather posts about IDs and offtopic shit.

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The thread is full of off-topic garbage, please do something, meido. Reincarnations of graduated holos are not fucking hololive related.

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Choco's streaming, yet you fags would rather post about ENs and shitpost.

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There are actual holos streaming, yet you fags are spamming Indies. She's never had a collab with Aqua, she's not hololive related.

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>new IP
So you came, here, and the very first post you decided to make was about /vt/ and kiara?

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Robocco strong my ass she's playing unfairly. Fucking metal cunt

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Nene deserves better.

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So many EOPs

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I hate it.

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We have multiple holos streaming, and you faggots are talking about western vtubers.

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Why are people still spamming indies?

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That was the final boss? Kinda underwhelming...

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There's more mentions of IDs than actual JP holos that are currently streaming. Guess you fucks don't actually care about the main branch as much as you claim to.

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