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Correct, I only look at the numbers

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I think we should ban numbers so humans can live in peace

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but which ears would she be using?

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Last year it seemed like a no brainer, Shion also had a 1 mill subs goal for example. Last year holos were getting 30-50k during spring but by the end of the year almost everyone was getting between 50-100k per month with a couple of them earing even more. Aqua was at 60k consistently and everyone treated it as a huge decline in popularity, nowadays she'd be the most subscribed holo on a monty basis

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Interesting how there's a lot of Shionposting here when the cytube is watching Shion but there's only 2 maximum of Shionposters here when she's having a mengen

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Huh, is this how friendship actually works? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?

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Sheepfags have stopped attacking kenzokus because they weren't as reactive as they used to before. Same thing happened to heimins like a year ago, they stopped being reactive until recently probably because of newfags converting into heimins so the sheepfags switched back to attacking heimin again because they are too reactive.

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>fails addition

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how can it be not nijiniggers??? it's supposed to be always nijiniggers

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korone taught me 土下座 which is not on jlpt

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Are we going to get a new legendary chat breast feeding stream again.

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How old is Korone in dog years?

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Wait how the fuck did Pekora get every single Kyushu prefecture wrong? Isn't Noel from Kyushu?

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korosans doing so many numbers

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I'm impressed every time I look at the thread even weeks later this guy is still here. It's a little sad if I am being truthful or maybe I just happen to always catch him when he around becuase I hope his life isn't just staying in here 24/7.

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