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Oil, and everything derived from it can be synthesized artificially, just needs energy
all the elements needed for technological society and food production can be found in space on moons and asteroids, as well as deep in the earth's crust and mantle, both of which be tapped for eons
Food can be grown with ludicrous efficiency in vertical farms, just at a high cost in energy
Water can be and already is mass purified by the treatment plants in or by just about every major city in the world
more water is just a factor of more energy, since its not like it disappears from the world forever when used
all this energy can be provided by nuclear, fission or fusion, it doesn't matter which; or beamed space based solar power, where the sun is ever clear
if fission, we have enough uranium and thorium stores for tens of thousands of years readily available, and millions of years if we really dug for it
fusion however can run us til the heat death of the universe, as hydrogen is the most common element in the universe
if we can't crack pure hydrogen fusion any time soon, deuterium is plentiful enough in sea water to last us a couple hundred thousand years

climate change can be lead by the dick through mass GHG sequestration and orbital solar shades and mirrors
expensive energy wise, but when energy is no object because of glorious spammed nuclear plants, this problem becomes a mere footnote for the nerds

people keep talking about how the end is nigh, and I'm just sitting here with a bookshelf on how to make even star trek look like filthy casual pissbabies

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