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What makes Yuuka so attractive to you? For me, it's the fact that she can snap your spine in half if you even look at her the wrong way.

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Yuuka the horny hag! Yuuka going through intense hormonal swings that make her want a baby! Yuuka making YOU her baby and becoming your mommy! Yuuka making cake for her cute little cakeboy and feeding it to you! Yuuka cuddling you! Yuuka tucking you in at night!

Yuuka getting even hornier and wanting a real baby! Yuuka demanding that you have sex with mommy and put a baby in her! Yuuka wanting to take your virginity with an intensity more than anything she has ever felt before! I don't know where I'm going with this so I'll just say cute loving horny motherly sex with Yuuka to make her pregant and marrying her and having a family with your horny hormonal hag wife Yuuka!

Yuuka is very fertile with breasts full of tasty milk!

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I don't get it

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Oh, come on! You're TORTURING Yuuka by refusing to bully her butt!

You'd better at least honk her honkin' honkers!

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