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>not even impressed by Shinki creating an entire dimension for herself
what kind of being is she
what is the dream world

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She is mostly a counterpuncher, though she punches back so hard she ends up looking like the bad guy. Though she definitely does enjoy teasing people and larping as a villain for fun. I have a feeling the "genocide is just a game" line was probably just to fuck with Shinki and get a good fight going, even though her level of violence wasn't much different than the other heroine's in makai. She also claims responsibility for the events of PoFV just to attract enmity.
At her core though she's peaceful and comfy, just enjoys her solitude.

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I don't really think I've ever seen gatekeeping touhoufags, not on /jp/ anyway. Aside from shitting on secondaries, which isn't really gatekeeping at all but making fun of people who won't go through the gate of their own laziness. I don't know what goes on in other places though. Just play the games and take it easy.

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Kinda weird seeing Yuuka like this.

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