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Is this the human centipede?

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>Sheepkeks spamming hearts to counter the chink spam
But that only makes the chat even worse?

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Why is this thread so shit?

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Fuck you, don't involve my oshi in this, she loves hololive and I believe that everything will be fine.

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im so sad bros... i dont think i can watch hololive anymore after my doragon graduates.
i guess im unsubscribing to everything holo-related after july 1

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>fubuki whore

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I watch all of friend's streams except when she collabs with homos

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was just browsing playboard for OOOOHHHH NUMBERS and i noticed something strange.

Despite generally low amount of viewers, Cocock surprisingly consistently ranks among the highest viewed live streams per week.
Is it all about the reddit review? and if so, what happens if she stops doing it? will her popularity plummet by half? and is there a chance of it stopping anytime soon?

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>friend cat

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The weirdest Holo related dream I have, aside from the Temma cuddling one I posted the other day, was one I dreamt that I rode my motorcycle to the dealership to have it serviced. There, I met Fubuki, wearing the classic tank top+overall mechanic girl outfit, and she started wrenching on my bike. I then went to the showroom floor only to be greeted by Fubuki again, now this time in her blue librarian outfit, and she started walking me on their new models and kept trying to get me to buy one. It was so surreal talking to her about motorcycle specs and models that I spent that whole day thinking what the fuck that dream was about.

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the fuck

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Keep it quiet up there some of us are trying to stream

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Which one?

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There's still 500 posts left?

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>it would mean about as much to me as if Aki

Shut the fuck up, You have shit taste and I bet your oshi is fucking shion you piece of shit

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which is it dammit!

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That'll teach that fucking tree rodent to steal my man! Now then get back in my dungeon and lube up that asshole.

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>1chorus cover
>no animation
>shien covering up oga's shit singing

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you can get banned for posting EN doxx but not JP doxx

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>abandoned her 1.2 million bilibili subs by saying she had dinner with Coco at the peak of the China arc.
>collabs with Holostars while not giving a fuck about muh idol fans.
I can't kneel hard enough for this goddess.

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this has to be bait

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>Higurashi has a new season?
you're fucking with me right?

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