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pass? yeah only atlantian trannies could trick the shrimps like this

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Uh, the relay has no representation from EN branch?

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how are they blowing all three of our threads combined out of the water

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people reading get a big ? from me

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>isn't allowed

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nope im wanichad

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Hey one of you dumbfucks referred to this thread as the "main thread". Whoever that was, quit being delusional.

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I don't get it. Is this the new global thread?

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>I'll continue to post on /jp/ until mods do their job and delete things arbitrarily to spare my feelings

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Why is it that anytime someone mentions this thread over at /vt/ like 6 people always respond with shit like "then go back to your dox thread" or "only SEAniggers stay there", are they really trying to start shit with the same people they shared a thread with? Its not like the posters have changed since the split.
Also they keep treating the new board like some amazing place with top notch moderation, but that's because its a new board... they don't even use anything outside of /vt/hlgg/ and at that point what's the difference than when we were 2 threads here pre-mod drama?

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What's stopping Gura from just giving Cover the finger and going off to do her own thing?

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Are we slower now than when the /pol/ stickies happened?

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Deadbeats maybe you should replace Ame as our go to duo. Its getting tiresome having Gura collab with that deadweight.

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>sleep-deprived Gura

This isn't good, is it?

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Has anyone got the picture of Gura with her tail cut off and on the floor. Asking for me.

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Why does Pekora get more live viewers than Gura but less VOD views? That doesn't make sense. Explain. Peko's dislikes seem pretty high too, are people just tuning in to shit on the stream or something?

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What are image slots, when you think about it?

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If it's a guerilla stream then why doesn't chicken just schedule Nier a couple hours earlier or an hour after Ame's collab starts? Am I missing something or is she that much of a birdbrain?

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