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Same! She's the best!

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This day is very very happy with many good streams. I love hololive!!

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Where's the anon from the last thread who made that image of Aqua holding a guitar for a shitty joke? I want to tell him that was a nice joke, good job anon!

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And I'm willing to fuck you up so I can marry her.

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Thats right. The fight was actually somewhat unfair like was said. Just in the opposite direction, because Eva-8 player shoots with a 2.1 fire rate (no bolt, up to 2.8/s with a purple) against a less than 1/s (wikis might say 0.8/s but that doesnt matter if its below 1 already) rate of a peacekeeper. It was reasonably fair if the octane found no bolt on any of the bodies nor throughout the whole game. Most likely he had a blue or purple, which made it actually pretty unfair. For the peacekeeper player. (aqua)

Your instinct that peacekeeper is an overall better weapon is absolutely right, though. It just wasn't the case in this very situation. Most of the time near doors, ducking behind cover between each shot, bubble fights - peace rules. The choke might even let you do solid damage at medium range. When the fight is at super close range, with no cover used by the players - it's about pure DPS. You cant even use shots to kill as an argument, since peace is exactly twice as slow at worst, so you get 2.x per each peace shot, beating the 2nd peacekeeper shot by a little with your 4th, and beating the 3rd with your 6th etc (overtaking further with any kinda bolt). And inb4, "Ease of aim" arguments work both ways so they can be dismissed . Aqua didn't use any possible advantages the peacekeeper could have in the situation (Not saying she shouldn't have. But she didn't. )

So, It wasn't necessarily, nor in fact at all, like "LeBron James beating current age Michael Jordan in a 1v1" .
I need to go take my meds now, see you anon

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I've waited here for you

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I've waited here for you

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I love Aqua!

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