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Yes, and the small body, flat chest and cute face make it look even bigger and sexier in contrast.

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>Cuter, sexier, more beautiful, and more aesthetically proportioned
All correct

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Lolis with wide hips and big round asses that still also feel small and cute due to her general size are perfection, and young girls are peak performance.

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But they aren't, though.

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Young lolis > hag lolis

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>I like the little ones
Same here

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Even little wights stay graceful and balanced on heels.

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Not too long ago I saw a dream where I was at the beach, with a loli Wight in a one-piece swimsuit.

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I want to go on a romantic date with a loli Wight and have slow romantic sex afterwards.

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Yes. Then you train her to not have an autism attack from seeing something unfamiliar like a creampie in her vagina.
Then put her in a bath full of your cum and she'll wight 7 to 9 days prior to exposure to her skin.
Once the zombie wights, guide her out the tub on to a towel on the floor, store the remaining semen in monster food-container units, and dry off your wight and prepare her a regular shower to remove the bacteria and smell.
After the shower, dry her off again and put clothes on her and you get a nice and clean wight!

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Girls being small is cute and >imagine

And I love perfect pale skin too.

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What if the pears are just very young hourglasses?

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You've seen the light, enjoy your lolis who are thick where it counts.

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There are only few things more beautiful than a little girl with a cute face and a big sexy ass in revealing clothing.

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Why not first have a cute little wight to pleasure near senseless?

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When a young monstergirl wants to be treated like a proper normal lover, and you oblige and teach her on the way, it's a perfect match that will make her happy.

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I'm not interested in getting an ancient Wight, or a Wight from a notable person, or making my own Wight from a Zombie.
Making your own Wight from a young loli Wight is where it's at.

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I love big pale loli butt.

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Haha y-yeah I only ironically like monster children with childbearing hips.

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>complimenting a loli wight by saying she has a lovely plump butt for such a little girl

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Wrong, monstergirl lolis are for domming. You should gently bully their small bodies until they're putty in your hands, romantic treatment is good for sensitive young girls.

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I'm not into Baphomets or the Sabbaths or pet play, but I love other monsters as lolis and maledom. So many adult-in-profile girls in MGE that would be A+ lolis.

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