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I just realized something. When you take into consideration shiny pokemon, pokemon natures, multiple abilities, secret abilities, IVs, unown letters, spinda's spots, and such, isn't pokemon just a gacha game?

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Why doesn't team rocket/magma/aqua/galactic/etc just learn how to hack PCs? Then they could steal all the pokemon they'd ever want

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Pekora and La+ burger review collab when

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Holosex has good chemistry. I want to see more of Lui on her own though, so far she shines at being a tard wrangler but what if there are no tards to wrangle?

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That's not even Korone's profile picture

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How do I save videos from pixiv?

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>Watching Miko's Ace Attorney
>Hiding the screen because of crapcom
>EOPs keep trying to tell her she "accidentally" blocked the screen
>Even after a translator in the chat tells them about it
I don't get it, not even when their sacred translators are in the chat do they understand what is going on.

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Moderation doko?

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I never understood posts like these. It implies that roommate posting only became a thing once global came into existence, yet they used to get posted all the time during deadhours, before EN was even an idea.

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Is it just me or was the Gura segment really awkward?

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To think this dumbass inkya, who was known as a complete shithead and whose mention made the chat erupt into messages telling her to die would eventually become the biggest streamer in Japan, in a company filled with friends and people who respect her, now leading a festival along with her many kouhais. We'll all make it bros.

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Isn't this girl a massive slut?

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I get that Chilla's arts games look like asset flip turds but they honestly do horror a lot better than a lot of bigger game studios.
Take this one for example, there are like 2 jump scares at most and the rest is just well done ambient horror.

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If fingernails regrow after breaking, why don't teeth regrow?

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you're not actually falling for this baby, right?

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why do all holos have such weak claps?

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what is it about minecraft that cases so many spontaneous collabs?

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Guys, i would like a moment of lamentation. We must comtemplate the tragedy of Pekora having her rhinitis treated. I miss the constant sniffing like you wouln't believe.

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how do you think holos imagine overseas fans?

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which holo is the biggest otaku?

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how good is towa at apex?

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>feet closeup
for what purpose?

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Just woke up, how did Gura's outfit reveal go?

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why does ina constantly go hmm?

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