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If she can manage her current garden without effort, she'd expand its borders so she can grow more flowers
Yuuka would probably enjoy the company of fellow botanists

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Personality wise - I see her as being both shitposty and teasing but also extremely emotional at her core. Very high standards for basically everything, which makes forming relationships with others difficult. Despises arrogant and uptight people, deceitful people, weak people, inconsiderate people, etc. If you are nice to her however, she will always be (mostly) polite back. However, at the slightest hint of disagreeableness, she will not hesitate to push as many buttons as possible and start a much more enjoyable fight.
I also see her as being incredibly lonely because of said standards. so if anyone was somehow able to woo her, she would melt completely and become a fiercely loyal lover until the end of the earth. But also incredibly jealous, possessive, needy, with a submissive side sometimes which occasionally comes out in more passionate moments. Likes animals and plants because they are more pure. I imagine her further as being a very nurturing mother with a strong sense of discipline, mostly due to obvious gardening correlations. Enjoys the simpler things in life, an excellent conversation partner, very wise and perceptive, lover of art, fashion, music, food, literature, travel etc. A little bit close-minded and judgmental, though is capable of being persuaded. Though she values hard work, also knows how to take it easy - work-hard play-hard mindset. Few other more minor things, but they aren't coming to me at the moment.
As for body - I prefer the longer hair with red eyes, huge breasts, large areolae, wide hips, generous ass, thighs, thin but reasonable waistline, abs, toned arms

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Having the full undivided attention of a powerful youkai would definitely be an experience
Doubly so if that attention is overly friendly

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I want to sow my seed in Yuuka's fertile fields
There's no safer place for my child than the belly of a youkai

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Yukari and Yuuka go well together

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I'd rather dom Yuuka

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