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-smells nice
-will probably treat you like a body pillow
-her raw youkai strength means you'll probably be less "hugged like a pillow" and more "wrung out like an old dish towel"
-even if you survive the nap, Yuuka seems like the type to be grumpy when she wakes up
yeah, I'd go for it

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Wake up!

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violent yuuka > happy day yuuka

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Fucking finally. This had been pissing me off for a while but I didn't see anyone else who seemed to feel the same, I was scared I was just becoming a dumb boomer. All he did was add some shitty drums and a voice clip and stupid youtube comments and tik tok shitheads are claiming it for themselves and praising it and associating it with their garbage. The actual parrots video is nice, I just hate what they did to the song and the kind of people it attracted, who then spew their tik tok shit all over what was a good 2hu song. It's like when they took Yuuka's gyate face and made a "rember" pride twitch emote. Fuck those people.
I wouldn't be as pissed off at the "creator" himself if he wasn't profiting off this whole thing after whole 10 minutes editing in FLstudio. It's good that he gave credit in the description, but I heard that wasn't there originally. As long as he's making money for it, I don't blame Shibayan Records for getting involved. I wish this whole thing just never happened, it all feels like shit. Both knowing that tik tok normalfags are listening to a shitty "remix" of a good shibayan song being passed off as "sampling", and just having people like that close to Touhou at all.
God, it feels good to get that off my chest.

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Pins you down and beats you severely

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What if my favorite touhou is already a dinosaur?

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Do not bother a sleepy yuuka

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