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vast majority of people are only glad to live since they fear the unknown that is death, and ultimatily dont know what death brings, new live? better place to be like heaven? or just endless purgatory?
Since we dont know we cant really be sure is it misplaced feeling. And good wont always overweight bad, it completly depends situation in which person lives, some people might never have anything good to happen to them in their entire live and they consider it normal, and then some people just get once told how their opinion is shit and they proceed to suicide, that is weird asymmetry that exists in lives of people.

also people are really been stuck with this good and bad bullshit that is even used in morning cartoons, there is no ultimately good and bad, every "bad" deed happens for sake of gain and every people are prety much grey considering every "good" person are as likely to do "bad" deed for gain if given opportunity.

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>placing your soft girls in a display case

Honestly, just keep them out and check on their status every so often. If anything that would just lead to a day dedicated to interacting just your fumo.

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