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i wish i was a girl look how cute they can dress fuck this life

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What a horrible thread
You’re all so fucking stupid, i genuinely hate you

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I hate these threads and everyone who posts in them so much

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>Not even 20 posts in and the thread is already ruined by numberfags

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>Not even 120 posts in
>Retards replying to surveyposts
God i hate you all so much

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Riddle me this.
Why the fuck do Kenzokus need an individual thread both on /jp/ and /vt/?
Can’t you faggots self-contain on /vt/? It would be nice if 2hufags and this place could get along and you’re not helping at all.
I forgive Noelfags because /vt/ doesn’t allow 3dpd JAV and that’s really the only reason anyone would watch her, but maybe you could move your thread to the gravure general?

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>Homoshart hours

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Stop talking about that literal who
Nobody fucking cares

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I don’t know who’s worse.
That Aloe retard with a 180+ days ritual about a girl he saw 2 times or the faggots who pretend to give a shit about yogiri because they saw 1 or 2 catbox links posted here
Move on with your lives you pathetic faggots

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