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Toko had a bigger venue for her sololive

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I was there but I did not touch fububutt

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>You get to have sex Marine but

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This Holoketto seems a little underwhelming compared to the past ones, even most (if not all) of the papas chose to skip it, fair enough I guess almost everyone showed up for the last one and there's only so much time to work on shit specially since comiket should actually happen this year their efforts are better spent there.
Still lots of good shit, Pekora, Marine and Aqua are dominating

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Of course he's having an episode. This nigga seriously thinks his schizosposting is having any effect, at this point it's just sad. He probably spend hundreds of hours here with no result.

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No it's not are you fucking retarded?
>Despite all the recent permissions the variety never recovered, it's still almost just as bas as post Holocaust hell
>Unless it's management mandate Marine is the only one who bothers arranging collabs
>Gen 5 did fill dead hours, the only remarkable addition was Botan, Lamy and Nene are irrelvant, Polka actively fucks up shit
>Original music no longer means anything, that shit peaked with Ahoy, literraly who gives a shit about Lunch with Me or Smile and Go
>Hololive is way more controlling and corporate than before
>Gen 2 barely streams
>Subaru Yuribaits
>EOP pandering is at all time high
>EN exists
>Ollie exits
>Miko completely doubled down on the baby voice
>Korone no longer does anything interesting, she just plays a game and then fucks off for week
>Mio no longer arranges collabs
>People like Ayame now

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Didn't marine play this a full year ago too with miko nonetheless

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Do not be like that Nakirigumi.
I know you're a newfag but try to love everyone or else you're no better than /v/.

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