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>>35061538 here with the current sales for Coco's Birthday/Graduation goods. Only from BOOTH since Geekjack isn't up yet.
Birthday/Graduation goods:
Acrylic Panel (JPY3,000): 5,094
Jersey Hoodie (JPY10,000): 5,008

Resale goods:
Kiryukai Pin Badge (JPY1,500): 7,721
Kiryukai Smartphone Case (JPY4,000): 1,501
Asacoco Plushie (JPY9,500): 1,309

Total sales amount:
JPY95,383,000 or

I also want to point out that what I posted here >>35061906 is likely correct, since the stock for Coco's goods this time started at 20,000 rather than the typical 10,000. That means the previous sales numbers I have for Coco's goods may have been off by quite a lot. I can't say for sure since it's impossible to know in retrospect, just wanted to point it out. Since I've been monitoring the stock from the beginning this time, I'm able to get accurate figures.

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I love Towa and Cocochi!

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