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Yes, you should go flowerviewing with the nice lady.

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This, Yuuka's idea of a fun time is kicking little boys in the balls.

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Don't be afraid anon, all Yuuka wants is YOUR BALLS

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>in this world, it's kill or BE killed
What did she mean by this?

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She's a youkai, anon. She feeds on human flesh and enjoys human suffering.

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Being an S can be quite more enjoyable than being an M, and this is coming from a previous M

Realize that sadomasochism is the true path and one of the most important factors is pain itself, both giving and receiving. Look inside yourself and realize that you crave pain. Realize that many other people are just like you and also desire pain (and to be submissive).
If you are a true masochist, you should desire to serve people. If most people want pain and to submit, the best course of action to bring others pleasure and be useful is to give them what they truly want.
You are doing a needed service with sadism.

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>says she was involved with WW2
Where was this?
Just curious

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