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>I hate modernity
At first, it sounds bad and even stupid, but after a few years of life and lurking Yuuka's threads, I have realized that possibly what would make me quite happy is be by her side and take care of her sunflowers with her all the days, having a family without the hectic time of the city, outside the modernity system

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Strongly agree anon, if I die and go to Gensyoko, I am very sure that I can go with her and trust her a lot

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God, I´m more in love with her, so pure, so pacifist, so wise, I want to be with her for eternity, taking care of her garden and love her every day... I want to fluff her hair a lot, and kiss her cheeks

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One for each season!

Do the nips actually have tools like this, or has the artist just never seen a weed whacker?

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