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kuukiyomi streams are extreme kino and no one can convince me otherwise

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you mad?

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He said she's not JP, no not hololive.

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Part of Matsuri's popularity comes from how depraved and perverted she can get, flirting around with different people. If anything im just disappointed she kept it a secret instead of openly flaunting it. She'll probably lose some gachis over this but any who've stuck to her for this long aren't going to be that shocked. This would be more disastrous on other holos besides maybe Ayame.

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Reminder for Haatons thank Matsuri for putting the bitch on blast to pressure her to come back, otherwise she would have kept ghosting you guys for even longer.

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>30k likes vs 1k dislikes
Yeah anon everyone hated it

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Your an idiot, if Cover didn't graduate Aqua for how much people were calling her out for ghosting Coco, they wouldn't for Matsuri who is one of their most sponsored and featured holo.

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Why does gen 4 fanbases attract a lot of antagonism to each other? You have heimin, watamates and kenzoku constantly against each other, I also remember before that some lunaitos were proud of how much the princess was not collabing with her gen. not saying that they should all get along just cause they are of the same gen, but there's barely any kind of competition in the other gens, like the only one I can think of is between pekora and marine's but those are probably just numberfags.

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If she manages to get the same ammount of viewers for at least two months i'll kneel

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I would suck Matsuri's Menhera Milkies no matter the size

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I think Matsuri and Fubuki can recover a lot if they revive their ship. That clip from after the sportsfest when the two had some fun after a long time really exploded and got a whole lot more views than when Matsuri reconnected with Luna.

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If your oshi found a man and was truly happy in life, would you be happy for her, or just be a jealous faggot and complain about it?

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>watching EN

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Apparently Kiara started another drama. Check /vt/ for more info.

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Is Polka still fat?

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not off-topic, trolling out of /b/ or spamming/flooding apparently

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eva and SNK are trash and kaguya had sex

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I will never post on a board with western whores

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I don't watch non-JP VTubers.

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