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Sounds like fun!

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Realize you are shitposting now and I am as well for responding to you. Post and talk about Ran for the upteenth time people.

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She is no Liru or even Holo in many ways. I think of her as a cold computer type. Serious on the outside, but she is unique and I question the reasoning for Chen. So much of touhou is just peoples own stories applied to characters. I have a thing visually for kemonomimi girls as well. I kinda imagine her as stiff as Data from Star Trek but also like Data, there are mysterious layers underneath that aren't visible on the surface.

So as we know there is some Kitsune in there, how do you all feel about Kemono art? Kemono 3D art? I know its a touchy subject for some of you. I want to put out a feeler for more fluffy fuzzy Ran but without the associations with the Furry subculture.

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