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>tfw actually was able to obtain an Oculus S despite the sold out nonsense

I need to know anon, is there any MG adventures I could have with it or am I just stuck with regular stuff?

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Sure would be nice for VR to not be sold out other than overpriced garbage.

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I can't read moon runes

What is the fox saying?

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>Everyone trapped indoors from Corona
>Some MGs use it as an excuse to make the babby for literal days at a time
>Insist that since it's the end of the world that they're doing a civil service by repopulating the earth

Which MGs would most likely use such a cheesy excuse? Unless of course we all die, then it will be valid.

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Nope, we still need VR.

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Imagine no longer, anon.

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How unpopular would a cute fluff become if people found out she's into guro?

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We already have that though?

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Reminder that no matter how degenerate you are, MGs will definitely be more degenerate than you.

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>meanwhile in the MG Universe

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