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It's 3 days of suffering after this stream

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Watame on one monitor, Finals on another, /hlg/ on the third. Simple as that

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It's a good stream

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I could listen to Watame reading PC specs in English all day

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Got this from Watame's members stream:
>Fubuki has been in cahoots with the Guatemalan government, planning on funneling donations through Apple transactions to pay for the viewbots used on various clipper channels
>They've also been poisoning the local koocha factories, putting in chemicals that make you go gay and want to put on glasses even though you don't need them (although they are really versatile)
>Fubuki has also been plotting on doing an intervention on Matsuri's fast food addiction, the hand seen one a certain stream was Matsuri's personal coach who came to check if Matsuri was snacking during her stream
>There's also been talks behind the scenes about Gamers 2, which consists of another nepotism hire from Fubuki and two old guard vtubers (similarly to OkaKoro). These two are Lulu and Kizuna Ai
>There's also been some trouble behind the scenes because Fubuki called Flare a chocoball and told her that Sans was pretty fucking gay

Take this with a grain of salt, but I think it's all true

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So instead of streaming 2 times a month, she'll be streaming 0?

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Maybe if the heimin gave up and stopped being so mean to us, the war would stop

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Sora's dildo farm...

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nice more for my collection

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Extremely based

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Everyone watching Loafey is waiting for the sheep

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I always knew the leech was a liar, you can never trust someone who is half deaf.

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no news...
but at least the second part of pekora's one is already available.

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I don't see why not, we all love holostars here.

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>ENshit is just quiet and cringe
Inferior, like always.

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>no fir works-san

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To make it more convincing

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leech thread

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She hates being told what to do and goes out of her way to piss off the people that used to like her.
Her tweet the other day felt like a huge "fuck you" to the last few fans that still care about her.
I expect her to become a full time holostars cumrag in a month or two, i can totally see Matsuri collabing exclusively with men for a while until her manager gives her a good dicking and convinces her to save what little remains of her career.

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Watame confirmed to giving a better handjob than Coco

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It's Watame and Fubuki who want Coco vs Flare who wants Polka.
It's pretty obvious how it will end.

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