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The collab will be fun, but I'm afraid schizos will ruin the chat and this thread

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Is the schizo gone?

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I forgot to turn whole words on for "son" it was actually 90 for that one

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>3 Roberu streams today
n- nostalgic

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I love how cute Roberu is in this pic. Fuck, I can't believe I'm becoming the faggy gachikoi I always feared I'd become. At this point, I'm more obsessed with him than my (female) oshi.

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I had a nice dream today
>I knew Roberu irl and he was an uber driver in Japan
>while he was driving me around like usual, he decided to buy me lunch then offered me to spend the night at his house and meet his mother and little brother
>i was delighted as fuck
>we met his little brother in town and he also bought me lunch even though i insisted i already ate.
>we finally got to his house but just as his mom was about to open the door, i woke up
i've never been more disappointed with reality before...

Also, Roberu had small tits with pierced nipples that he just left exposed for everyone to see

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He isnt even in his powerful bride form...

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They all collabed with homos retard

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>Roberu was just asked about HolostarsEN and instead of shooting it down he said "not yet"

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Shien is funnier than Roberu

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Kiara, for the sake of your own sanity please stop coming to this place.

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>I will be streaming 3 times a day
is he really back

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I'm ready

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Tell your whore not to speak to me or my musuko ever again and that he already has a chicken-wife

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I heavily care for kayfabe desu. Part of the joy of watching vtubers is watching them play a character. If they give up on that and just start acting like a normal person, I may as well be watching a normal streamer on twitch or something.

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I mean thats also the reason ina and risu did it but I would never do it myself, the day I have to start playing video games for a living is the day I kill myself
that being said I have fantasized about joining, making a character and communicating with the stars in broken jap before

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i remember Roberu once saying that if it was up to him he'll randomly reveal his 3D model out of nowhere on a morning stream but said management would never let him
i'm scared he might actually talk Shinove into it

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i don't want to get my hopes up but... 3D?

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he's the surprise third part for the tournament
Arupapa is just a diversion

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i hope that"s the case

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