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Yuuka wanting to expose herself to you! Yuuka getting naked in the bathroom with the door unlocked! Yuuka waiting and waiting and waiting for you to walk in!

Walking in and seeing Miss Yuuka completely butt naked! Seeing her erect nipples and cute fuzzy bush! Coughing from the intense smell of fish! Apologizing to Yuuka while she pretends to be embarrassed! Walking out of the bathroom, but naked Yuuka follows you to make sure you see every inch of her! Yuuka tugging your arm and apologizing and saying it was HER fault for not locking the door! Yuuka circling you so that you get to see more of her nudity, then finally going back into the bathroom...to furiously masturbate! Yuuka cumming buckets of warm sticky girlgoo that the janny has to clean up!

Yuuka is a horny hag who would cry tears of joy and be unable to control herself if you asked her for sex!

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Yuuka the perverted ENF/exhibitionism fetishist who desperately comes up with contrived ways to expose herself to you!

-Yuuka lets you stay the night over, and walks naked in front of you, then pretends to be embarrassed and says that she forgot you were over!

-Yuuka showing you pics of her in skimpy workout gear, showing you a time period of her fitness progress! She casually slips in one pic where she is completely nude and facing the camera, with suspiciously hard nipples and pubes that look as if they're glistening with redness! She doesn't even acknowledge her nudity, though her face is bright red at that point and she has to take a "bathroom break"!

-Yuuka acts silly and tries on a hospital gown, and passes it off as a goofy joke when she shows you her bare butt sticking out from the back!

-Yuuka is desperate and horny and simply walks out naked in front of you! Yuuka standing directly in front of you with her hands on her hips, then saying "look at my boobs!" while giggling...followed by once again locking herself in the bathroom and making weird noises!

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>half breeds
I will become a youkai myself, I don't plan on leaving yuuka a widow for centuries after a human lifespan

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horny hag!

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Yuuka being comfortable casually nude around you! Yuuka walking around in the summer with her milky melons just jiggling around! Seeing Yuuka bottomless, with no care to her fuzzy-yet-trimmed bush and big fat buttcheeks being exposed!

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That's a really nice story anon, you sound quite lovely and cute yourself! I'd love to go to a convention with you dressed as Touhou too, would be quite the interesting experience!

It's a shame you missed your chance on that cosplay like that, was it really high quality? I think learning how to sew would be a nice thing to learn, it'll take time, but being able to make your own clothes for this would be worth in the investment. Maybe you could even make cute clothes for /jp/sies who'd like to dress a 2hu too! I would definitively support your business!

Also, it makes me happy to see you putting so much attention into the accessories as well, I feel the amount of people who care about the smaller details is really, well, small... I like you a lot simply for that! How about make-up though? That's a very vital part of the process as well! I would love to be your friend somehow, you sound like a really nice person overall.

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You have to date Yuuka for at least 6 months before any of that kind of stuff, anon!

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Yuuka probably has mature frilly panties, still warm with a slightly sweet scent.
Maybe even a tad sticky...

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Yuuka had a GREAT TIME! She's really into you! She's giving you funny looks! She walked you over to the condoms in the pharmacy store!

Sex with Yuuka!

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how would yuuka feel if i fapped to her

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What would it be like having Yuuka as a girlfriend

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prepare to willingly love her

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I don't know what to say in reply to OP so here's more sexy blushing yuuka.

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Ma'am, if it means anything to you I think you smell just fine.

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>If you are still playing video games you need to grow up.
next your gonna tell me everyone who plays touhou needs to grow up too?

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Does Yuuka have inverted nipples?

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You know when you flex your calves the moment you cum and you get a huge, continuous shot of pain instead of pleasure, and you have to "walk it off" while you have your headphones on and fluids all over your chest?


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"What are you thinking about?"

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Hello Patchy!

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Would you feel the same way if Yuuka put her stinky dicks on your socks?

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I wish mama Yuuka would spoil me...

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